Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fleas follow Dog

Prime Minister Patrick Manning remained at work at Whitehall, Port of Spain, yesterday, while some employees went home early, as fleas invaded parts of the compound yesterday.

The affected areas are expected to be cleared for workers to resume duties today.

Office of the Prime Minister communications manager Paige De Leon said yesterday afternoon the areas on the Whitehall compound that were affected did not include the location where Manning's office is located. (fockin lie)

"He was unaffected by the problem. When I left Whitehall this afternoon, the honourable prime minister was still in his office doing his work," De Leon said.

In a statement yesterday, Whitehall said that members of staff on the compound reported that they observed fleas when they arrived for duty.

"As a result, the Ministry of Health and the Insect Vector Control Division were called to Whitehall to conduct investigations.

In order to facilitate the spraying exercise, it was necessary to have staff vacate the affected work areas," the statement said.

When contacted for an update yesterday afternoon, De Leon said the Insect Vector Control Division officials treated the affected areas sometime after midday.

"We expect work at the Office of the Prime Minister will resume as normal tomorrow morning," De Leon said yesterday.

She said some work at the Office of the Prime Minister was affected as some employees had to be sent home yesterday but did not describe the disruption as significant.

Adult fleas often live as parasites on warm-blooded mammals, mostly cats and dogs, but do not always stay on their hosts and wall to wall carpeting create ideal conditions for the larvae to breed.

Whitehall is 95 years old and has been the location of the Office of the Prime Minister since 1961, and has been refurbished twice within recent times.

The Office of the Prime Minister is set to be relocated from Whitehall to a new building under construction at St Clair that was originally set to house the Public Administration Ministry.

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Trindy said...

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Everything stink and rotten running behind he tail. I mean the prime minister of a contree surrounded by flea and shit? And he well like the damn ting, boy. He staying right dey to savor de smell. Wot you expect if the man come from hell self?