Tuesday, August 21, 2007

tootoo doing and saying pure madness.

Tootoo have so much a money he dont know wot de fock to do with it.He raising Cepep pay and backpay and ting. Tootoo ain't realize that dis is how inflation grows. Raise salary, raise the cost of goods, till de dollar devalue, because on the world's market there is a limit to what it could buy.
Anyway it have a focking creolite in charge is de same ting happening.Tell me wot de fock a creolite know about producing food ? Because I need someone to explain why de ass you hace to buy vegetables by de slice in Barbados. I spen three weeks dey a year ago and had to buy veggies by de slice.
Go to the poorest Spanish island like Santo Domingo.(the culture come from Europe eh, not a new Guinea cannibal jungle) I spend time there on and off. You can get the biggest variety of fruits and veggies dog cheap. There is a fresh milk industry with hundreds of products like cheese, sweets, butter. You can buy fresh milk by the gallons anywhere for your morning cafe, cheap. They even grow flowers for export. There is just too much cheap food in de place. Puerto Rico and Cuba have a history of agriculture and fresh milk etc..
In Trinidad, once Indian remain planting people go get fresh things. But once dey leave it, de place go ton like Barbados.
I mean de milk dey selling in pack, I won't even use dat to wash me car. Is a mixture of whitewash an water. De ting tasting like shit, and once you send dat dong you chest, it running out your boomsee like a river, carrying de lil food you have in your stomach, just like senna.
Well, Tootoo say sugar days done, so sugar had to obey and go.The Europeans know that the basis of food is wheat, grain, milk and veggies and fruits etc. Tootoo say Trinidad food cheap, I don't know if he talking bout de whitewash water, or chubby or doubles, tings wot giving people diabetes like rain.Or he talking bout boil yam and with a strand of saltfish salt and pepper.Only de devil know wot Tootoo really meaan..

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