Thursday, August 30, 2007

'UNC, COP should not point fingers'

Thursday, August 30th 2007

DIEGO Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley said that neither the Congress of the People nor the United National Congress had moral authority to point fingers of corruption.

Speaking yesterday during debate on the national budget 2007/2008 he said Caroni East MP Ganga Singh was the man behind the Inncogen and desalination plant deals, and accused him of falsely linking former Housing Development Corporation chairman Andre Monteil to Home Construction Ltd and the Foreshore project.

"Mr Monteil has nothing to do with the Foreshore project," he said.

He claimed that the UNC ran a "criminal enterprise" and the project was one of the many they attempted to use to raid the treasury.

He added that he "put a stop to the madness" as Minister of Planning, saving billions of dollars of taxpayers money in the process.

Rowley recalled that the then UNC government's financial contribution greatly exceeded that which was approved by the Cabinet, the contractor was building at $917 a square foot when the going rate was $500 to $600, and the land was given away but not at market value.

"That was the UNC policy," he said.

Rowley noted that the two opposition parties had no answer to Government's sterling performance in managing the economy in the past five years hence the accusations of corruption and squandermania.

Oh fock, what ah big fockin joke for me so early in the morning. Hahahahahah

Rowley talking bout squandermania and sterling mudder cont performance. What he is ah lap dancer now ?

Firstly he should be the last fockin one talkin bout corruption as he colluded with faggot Emile to teef the fockin material from the Scarbourough Hospital site. Big fockin men toting sand, gravel, cement, lumber and what have you to his fockin Landate housing project. You ever hear such fockery in the world? The housing minister building houses for sale and or rent. So shut yuh cont Rowley.

Whatever the fockin UNC did, they at least did deliver to the fockin people. They didnt put up 3 big fockin building in town and ah palace for the fockin Emperor in record time and call that a mudder cont 5 years.

The fockin UNC musbe teef, I dont know. But what ah know is that more poor fockin people get water, electricity. The poor werent taxed for 5 mudder cont years, like when all yuh was in office when people used to line up in grocery and gas station because budget coming and every fockin thing goin to raise. Better health care was in the offing. Children werent left out of fockin how all yuh refuse to open the Biche High School, suffering the fockin poor children.

And till today, nobody in the fockin UNC has been convicted of stealing anything.

All yuh fockin niggas real good yes. The experts at teefing and lying. Check yuh Prime Minister.


Gigi said...

So that is where we reach now eh? doh come and tell me nuttin cause u do thing too! that is not d damn point de point is if yuh get make out and ketch yuh get ketch no matter who yuh is! so if only those who not involved in corruption have to point out people...dat mean no body in dah red house should open dey lip at any time den! blarsted tiefs!

Trindy said...

Rowley need a focking plank in he head to bring him to he senses.