Friday, August 10, 2007

Temple attack

How can the Police Commissioner determine that the desecration of the Temple in the Sea was not politically motivated when all his officers obtained from the crime scene is a set of finger prints? I am very worried that this case will remain unsolved like the Port of Spain bombings two years ago, knowing the type of police force we have.

While Commissioner Paul says it is not political, Minister Narine says that it is, and points fingers at the Opposition. While these two are on the same side of the political divide they apparently don't talk to each other. By contradicting Minister Narine, the CoP is rocking the boat!

 Tanya Marajh

via e-mail

A good mallet in dey backside go make dem see sense. Dey dont even have one finger print and dey know if is political or not political ? These fockers cant catch a criminal hiding in dey eyeballs, yet dey want to sound like Scotland yard detective.
Dookeran should keep he fat ass quiet.We know he on Manning payroll. How de ass you expek dey go find de attackers when is people in power hiding dem? We need King Creole to hand over those keys and step down into he grave soon. Den all dis stupidness go finish.

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