Monday, August 20, 2007

budget day

I dont really live in Trinidad, but from what I'm gathering, Lord Manning with all the island's wealth at his disposal has been able to con poor people to accept his election and budget ole talk as something sincere. Calling him Pappy-trick implies that dis man is harmless, when in fact he is a manipulative, evil, selfish dictator.You have to be very stupid and gullible to keep swallowing his shit every time. The palace he built in St Anns was a secret though. Somehow that never appeared on his list of promises, yet it materialised in 3 months time.
Official list of bullshit
1) Aluminum smelter. (he getting bribe for contract, no doubt)
2) Railway.( dese fockers dont have the guts for dis project and it won't happen. He cyant even plug de focking hole in de road, he go build railway?)
3) New port ( wait let we see)
4) New agricultural farms. (De devil refuse to subsidise Indian farmers who catching dey ass to grow food to supply de place. Most of dem losing, dey aint making no kinda profit, yet de bugger lying about setting up farm in Chaguaramus and Guyana, and bringing Cubans to work dem. De focker should remove vat from food if he sincere about reducing people food bill.
5.Road paving.( wait let we see )
6.New search for oil and gas.(wait let we see)
7.No down payment for state houses (remember only niggers will be approved)
8. Industrialisation (a lil 2 by 2 island and you want industries and rolling contryside side by side ? And way you plan to keep the people ? Throw dem in de sea? The focker think is a continent he owning, you know ).
To be continued.

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