Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seukeran defends Monteil

'Testicular fortitude needed'
Anna Ramdass

San Fernando West MP Diane Seukeran yesterday knocked the Opposition for their constant attack on PNM treasurer Andre Monteil during the course of the budget debate.

"I don't care who Mr Monteil is. He is a citizen like any other and he needs to be defended in this House. You want to say it, go outside and say it. Testicular fortitude is what is needed," she said in her budget contribution in the Parliament on Tuesday.

She said the Opposition was abusing their parliamentary privileges by attacking Monteil, and it was unfair in the Parliament that "those of us with any degree of conscience" would attack a man who is not present to defend himself.

Throughout the budget debate, which started on Monday, Monteil's purchase of $110 million in shares from the Home Mortgage Bank, which he chaired, was constantly brought into the spotlight.

She said Monteil's reputation was at stake, as she challenged Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar to get up and state the facts.

She was referring to Persad-Bissessar's allegation, in her budget response, that there was interlocking of directorships in the bed of corruption with respect to the rapid railway and waterfront projects.

Suky must fockin defend Monteil. All ah fockin dem in the same slackness.

She son Faris have a building in town. Who the fock you think renting it.

Is Uncle Lenny for the Ministry of Planning. How the fock he get the Ministry to rent from he?

Somebody should ask the ole bat that.

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Trindy said...

she needs to be beaten with a bat for crookedness and corruption.