Wednesday, August 22, 2007

we talking to brute?

THE UNC ALLIANCE has taken its mission one step further to block the August 31, Independence Day National Awards ceremony from being held at the $148M Official Residence and Diplomatic Centre of Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
In a full-page advertisement today entitled “An Evening of Squandermania at The Mansion” with the PM’s extravagantly-styled residence in the background complete with palm trees, the Opposition party urged the 24 recipients, earmarked for the National Awards, to exercise their independence by saying: “No to the Mansion.”
Let we see if dem focking brute will listen or dey ears focking clog with wax.
The ad did not make any reference to the Prime Minister but referred instead to the “self styled Ape- Emperor” who it said, “ throws open the doors of his $148M new home to a privileged few for the National Awards ceremony.”
And who de fock winning dem award? I sure is a setta PNM ass-lickers.
The National Awards are traditionally presented to deserving citizens in several spheres of activity including culture, sports, medicine, and community service. The ad questions how many homes the “Emperor’s mansion” could have built for the poor and homeless, saying that his “Majesty’s jewel was built with the money that belongs to every citizen in the focking country”
De focking emperor doing he monkey dance too long. I tink is time to put him away.
It further asked whether this was any way to celebrate Independence , an if so, whether it was Independence “from wastage and disrespect for our nation’s pride?”
Dem wild pig need a chance to stage dey in-de-pen-dance. Chistmas and carnival ain't enough.
The ad continued by saying “we will not allow him to use this occasion to justify his delusions of grandeur with this oversized mansion, a monument to gross over indulgence.”
Is possible dat we UNC compadres braying in de wilderness, since de awardees are most likely brick- headed donkeys who ain't know de difference between dey baatee and dey head. We will know for sure according to their response to the ad..
It called on all citizens to join the party in saying no to the mansion. The advertisement follows an earlier call by the party’s council of leaders during a press conference just over one week ago, to all awardees to
boycott the ceremony in shame at Manning’s squandermania. I really want to know why he need to spend 148m to practice bestiality. Remember de focker say that UNC distributing de wrong picture eh. He say is not his house. Let we see.

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