Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ganga: Elections on October 8

By Clint Chan Tack Sunday, August 19 2007

AFTER wishing Prime Minister Patrick Manning a happy 61st birthday Friday, Caroni East MP Ganga Singh reached into the front pocket of his jacket and produced a slip of paper which he claimed said General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago will be held on October 8.

Speaking during Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Singh also claimed to have received information that Manning was ill at last week’s national food consultation in Trincity.
The Prime Minister thanked Singh for his good wishes but said the information which the Caroni East MP got “in his mailbox on this occasion was most inappropriate.”

“I have never felt better for a long time,” Manning replied. The Prime Minister was given a clean bill of health following a recent trip to Cuba for a medical check-up on the pacemaker implant he underwent there in 2004.

Manning did not respond to Singh’s quip about the election day. The Prime Minister will present the 2007/2008 Budget in the House of Representatives on Monday at 1.30 pm. Manning has hinted that elections would be held once the Budget is passed by both Houses of Parliament.

Parliament will stand legally dissolved on October 17 unless dissolved earlier by Manning. The Prime Minister said once Parliament is dissolved there is a three month period in which elections can be called and the elections will be held this year.

October 29 and November 26 have been identified by some political pundits as possible election dates.

Dem sounding like dem is real pardners yes. Imagine Gangs gone so bad, he hate Panday so much he now trying to emulate Manning. Pulling out fockin paper from he fockin jacket to announce so call election date. Worse yet the date sounding totally wrong. Anyhow COP is PNM 'b' team yes.

What are wondering though is how Manning did threaten the focker and Bakhsy telling them last year that long arm of the law would reach into the COP for a couple of the boys. I find it strange that Manning not saying nothing again. So is either he lie or some people cut deal with the PNM not to get bull in jail. Ask you self the question.

Strange ?

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