Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Backpay for URP, Cepep worker

By Sandra Chouthi

The hourly minimum wage is going up to $10.

All categories of workers employed with the Community-based Environment Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) will, as of January 1, 2007, receive a 15 per cent increase in wages.

And an upgraded Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) will receive a 15 per cent increase in wages across the board effective January 1, 2007.

Travellers no longer have to pay departure tax. The $100 departure tax will be replaced with a passenger service charge on each individual travel ticket.

And the Government has declared an amnesty on tax penalties and late filing of income and corporate returns.

These are but some of the goodies that Prime Minister and Finance Minister Patrick Manning announced during a three-and-a-half-hour 2007/2008 budget in Parliament yesterday.

Only in fockin Trinidad you will get ah raise in salary plus fockin back pay for fockery like the above.
Courtesy fockin CEPEP!

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