Sunday, May 18, 2008

Le Gendre: Moonilal insulting students

EDUCATION Minister Esther Le Gendre is disputing UNC-A Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal’s claim that the nation’s schools are a breeding ground for the recruitment of young criminals to gangs.

And a lot of criminality also took place on school compounds, Moonilal accused.

During debate on proposed legislation to rectify the pensions of certain senior officers in the Teaching Service, he called on the Government to take urgent steps to protect teachers while they were on the job.

It was a task that needed political will, said Moonilal, as he urged Le Gendre to heed his call.
In winding up debate on the Bill, which was passed without amendment, Le Gendre took issue with Moonilal.

She said it was an “insult” to the over 300,000 students on roll at over 700 schools for Moonilal to say that the nation’s schools were a breeding ground for the making of criminals.

Schools may have “a few recalcitrant elements” but that did not make them a breeding ground for criminal activity, Le Gendre argued.

She stressed that the statement was unbecoming of the Moonilal.

He had claimed the Education Ministry was not operating smoothly because deans and heads of departments were complaining that despite their seniority in the system some teachers were earning more than them.

Le Gendre explained that a number of allowances had been approved for the deans and heads of department; the accounts department was preparing the pay sheets and the grousing officers would get retroactive payments to rectify their salaries.

The UNC had boasted of their rapid-pace school building programme, but all the schools built between 1996 and 2001 were now “giving trouble.”

She said she had never seen buildings deteriorate so fast and they were turning out to be the “bane” of the ministry.

In respect of repairs to schools, she said doing this maintenance work during vacation periods have proven to be unsatisfactory and now work would take place also during the school term.

Cumuto Manzanilla MP Harry Partap was told that a new Biche High School was in the planning stage.

Designs had been received and work would soon start on the new school.


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