Sunday, May 18, 2008

Manning would make clean sweep

INSISTING that Prime Minister Patrick Manning has done no wrong, newly appointed chairman of the Diego Martin Central constituency Dr Joe Laquis says he will support the PM for the leadership post in the People’s National Movement’s party election.

A PNMite for 33 years, Laquis said it would be idiotic for anyone to oppose Manning, because the PNM was closely knit and united, which no one could penetrate or destroy.

Laquis was commenting about former Diego Martin Central MP Kenneth Valley, who last month had urged sacked trade and industry minister Dr Keith Rowley to press on with plans to fight Manning for leadership of the PNM.

Manning’s post of political leader is up for contest as well as other PNM executives at the PNM’s June 28, 29 convention.

Rowley fought Manning for the post in a bitter fight in 1996, which Rowley lost, having mustered only 40 per cent of the votes cast.

“We don’t disagree and go against one another in this party. This is how PNM politics works. Everybody would surround and protect Manning at the end of the day. You just wait and see,” Laquis added.

Laquis said when one looked at Manning’s performance over the last six-and-a-half years much had been accomplished for T&T.

Laquis said if one had to choose between Manning and Rowley, the favoured candidate would likely be Manning because of his leadership qualities.

“There is no reason to remove Manning.... while at the same time there is no clear indication that he should go.”

Getting feedback from the ground level, Laquis said he was optimistic that when the final vote was counted, Manning would make a clean sweep.

“He would net everything in the bag.”

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Anonymous said...

Manning could make inroads in Central if COP come back and fight Panday for he seat again.

Anonymous said...

I cyar see Panday ever winning elections again. By the time 2012, the man will be 78 years old and running the show till 83. Trinidad is a country which does not facilitate the old folks running the show. Instead, Trinis are most likely to say to an old man to go home, sit down on your rocking chair and wait for death.

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