Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joseph: Guyana massacre senseless

GOVERNMENT yesterday condemned the killing of 12 persons, including three police officers, in Guyana’s gold-mining town, Bartica, on Sunday, the second massacre within a month which has sparked fears of a breakdown in law and order in the country.

Eight persons were wounded in the shooting spree which spread from a police station to the streets.

National Security Minister Martin Joseph yesterday disclosed that he had made efforts to speak with Guyana’s Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee “to determine what assistance, if any, may be needed at this time.”

Joseph, chairman of a Caricom committee of national security ministers, said he was appalled at “the senseless killings and loss of lives through this dastardly act by cold-blooded killers” and expressed concern that police officers were among the dead.

Trinidad and Tobago’s High Consul to Guyana, Ernie Ross, yesterday described the massacre as a brutal act of terrorism but said Guyana has not asked any country for help to apprehend the killers or restore calm to Bartica.

Regarded as one of Guyana’s prime tourism sites, Bartica is located 80 miles southwest of Georgetown on the banks of the Essequibo River on lands covering an area of 83,000 square miles and is a gateway to the country’s dense hinterland.

Ross said no Trinidad and Tobago nationals were among those killed or injured in Bartica. He said Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo was overseas at the time of the attack on a “confidential mission” concerning his country’s security challenges and was expected to return home last night.

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Anonymous said...

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RumSingh Droonkie said...

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