Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Manning pleased with protective services

Louis B Homer South Bureau
Tuesday, February 5th 2008

Prime Minister Patrick Manning said yesterday that he was very pleased with the performance of the protective services.

"There have been no real incidents and from what I understand is that police and the protective services are on a zero tolerance programme."

Manning made the comment yesterday while visiting the San Fernando East Constituency office.
Manning was not accompanied by his wife, Senator Hazel Manning.

He said, "she is playing mas in Port of Spain with Tribe and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be at the Prime Minister's house. I have a lot of work to do and this will give me an opportunity to get through most of my paperwork."

He said that he was very impressed with the work that the CEPEP carnival crew is doing in San Fernando, "I couldn't believe my eyes when I came down Coffee Street."

Mayor Kenneth Ferguson was also in loud praise for the work that the workers.

"Hear nah man, before the masqueraders drop something on the ground the group was there to pick it up and put it in garbage bags," he said.

He said he was very happy with the carnival programme and with the behaviour of the revellers.

This fockin cont ha to be living in Mars or some other planet.

Lemme quote from some other articles of the daily newspapers.

from today's Guardian:

Carnival violence leaves five dead
The Carnival has been marred with violence, as five men, among them the brother of attorney Wayne Sturge, were killed in separate incidents during last Friday’s Soca Monarch competition and J’Ouvert morning...

30 arrested in Sando
J’OUVERT celebrations in San Fernando were marred by several fights and stabbings, which left at least one person in a critical condition...

Kidnapped woman released
KIDNAP victim Zalina Mohammed has been released. Police said Mohammed was released after part of a $1million ransom was reportedly paid to her abductors...

from today's Express:

'Crock' shot dead
ONE of the most devious and feared gangland killers, Sheldon 'Crock' Scott was shot dead on Sunday night.

'Stabbing time' at PoS General
THE Port of Spain General hospital saw more than its fair share of Jouvert morning related injuries with the majority of patients being treated for injuries sustained during fights in the downtown area of the capital.

Attorney's brother dies after stabbing
THE brother of attorney Wayne Sturge was killed on Friday night near the Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain by some men who attempted to pick his pocket.

from today's Newsday:

Undertaker arrested for robbery
A-26-YEAR-OLD undertaker was yesterday arrested and charged with the kidnapping and robbery of a “PH” driver.

26 held in Grande
TWENTY-SIX persons were arrested during Jouvert celebrations in Sangre Grande yesterday for several offences including possession of weapons and disorderly behaviour.

Now just ah reminder these articles are just from today's newpapers and didnt include from yesterdays or Sunday's.

Does Manning think we are all conts like he dotish nigga supporters and coolie freeloaders?

Fockin man could lie boldface!

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