Sunday, February 3, 2008

Car dealers plan to shut down PoS

...after protesters fail to meet minister
Camille Bethel

Foreign-used car dealers intend to shut down Port of Spain next Friday, president of the Pre-owned Car Dealers Association Inshan Ishamel said yesterday, after a three-and-a-half-hour protest in front of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on Independence Square, Port of Spain, yielded no response from Minister Keith Rowley.

Speaking to the Express after the protest yesterday afternoon, Ishmael said, "The battle has just begun. That is why next Friday will be Black Friday. We will be bringing all of our vehicles with D plates and blocking the streets of Port of Spain. Port of Spain is going to remember us."

The car dealers, their families and employees descended upon the capital early yesterday, waving placards out their car windows, honking horns and blinking headlights in protest of the ministry 's decision to put a hold on the issuing of licences to them.

Protesting outside of the ministry's Nicholas Towers office, Ishmael said: "We are asking you, Mr Rowley, with all due respect, to change your mind because we are not backing down."

The dealers called on the minister to issue the licences so they could feed their families and pay their employees.

"We want we licences, right now, we need we money, right now."

Other protesters who were unable to get parking spaces at the side of the road circled Independence Square with signs stuck to their car windows, doors and car hoods. Many of the placards questioned what would happen to the price of vehicles when there was no more competition for the new car dealers.

Ishmael was adamant that even if they do not get the licences, they would still import the cars.
"This registered system was only started two years ago and they haven't even given it a chance, but if this system is stopped we will go back to the old system. We will go online and order the cars just like we used to do before they started registering us and still bring them in because this industry serves the poor people," he said.

"If Mr Rowley feels he is going to push, I am going to push harder."

At one point it seemed like the car dealers and the police would clash, as the group of protesters started crossing the street back and forth, standing in front of cars and even sitting in front of cars, hindering the flow of traffic along the road and the pavement on Independence Square.
Ishmael and the other protesters were then confronted by the lawmen, who told them they had no permission to gather on the pavement of the Brian Lara Promenade and they should disperse.

In a release issued late Thursday, the ministry said it had already issued 2,900 licences to the 352 registered used car dealers as of January 23, 2008, and additional licences had been temporarily suspended pending the completion of a current review of the quota system.

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Just in case yuh forget its the fockin UNC that made foreign use cars available to the small man. And fockin you and yuh cohorts that support the COP responsible for putting the fockin PNM back in office.

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Anonymous said...

it is unc that put pnm back in office. thank God. imagine unc running this place again. COP is the only party that can fix this country beside PNM. the only reason crime is high is because gangs are at war because indians keep buying dere drugs. indians are paying for the ammunition for the gangs. kidnapping only started wen PNM made the big drug bust. so inidans couldn't pay there bills and get kidnap. most crime are deemed curious, because the people are involved in criminal activity themselves.and why the inidan wit big benz and ting doh get kidnap, iz only those with cars under 500,000, the 1's involved in crime.

Anonymous said...

I hate indians because they are so racist. They stick together like shit and hate english people like I hate their smelly food. I am sorry but I have witnessed this myself, indians dont respect any other culture but their own.

John McKay

Anonymous said...

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I was in New Delhi and Mumbai last year, and African students are everywhere - speaking Hindi more fluently than any Indo-Trini ever could - more to their shame.

At least these Africans have the foresight to gravitate towards the birth of civilization - yes the very language we speak comes from Sanskrit. (Sanskrit > Latin > English). We have all come from Africa, but some of us hae evolved and some stagnated or even devolved. I just wish Africans didn't have to suffer as they do - that is why they/you are doomed.

Change your values, lifestyle, attitudes and join the rest of humanity. Stop the slaughter! Imagine you murdered more than 4 MILLION of your own in the Central Africa in the last 4 years, and nobody noticed. The UN has said that Africa's failed states are threatening the survival of the world......

Anonymous said...

Imagine, you complete blithering idiot, that 47% of children under 5 are malnourished in India. These rates are higher than that of sub-Saharan Africa. And by the way, Toronto is in Ontario, and Vancouver is in BC. Big difference. And doh push that Sanskrit bullshit on me. That is a belief of Indians. You keep implying Indians and Chinese are similar, yet Chinese people dislike Indians. So stop putting their accomplishments on your resume.
The reason central Africa is like that is because of Muslims in Africa. Muslims from the Middle East, and the boundary lines Europeans drew to serve their selfish needs. it is called tribalism and before Africa was divided, it was much like any other continent. There was civil war and the need to develop but the Europeans were much hastier because they needed food and wanted the resources of Africa. They divided Africa and put tribes with nothing in common together. Then Muslims came in and began converting Africans, and influenced them to begin killing other non-Muslim Africans.
Without black power, Indians (nor blacks) would be working in banks, teaching in schools or far less, be doing the things they are doing today.
How can humans devolve or be stagnant, all groups would develop at the same time or die out. And just like Indians, blacks are migrating to developed nations like Canada and , sadly, to the US.

“NEW DELHI, Feb 21 (Reuters) - India has higher levels of malnourished children than Sub-Saharan Africa, despite the Asian giant having more funds and better infrastructure to tackle the problem, the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) said on Wednesday.
A recent survey by the Indian health ministry, backed by UNICEF, has found that almost 46 percent of children under the age of three are undernourished. About 35 percent of children in Sub-Saharan Africa region are malnourished.”

There are civil wars going on in india, and between India and Pakistan. Indians aren’t that smart. They don’t do anything requiring brain power in dell etc. they answer phone calls and read pc screens. Bill gates is raping India and investing in Africa, building schools giving them PC’s etc. I feel bad for India and self-righteous racial and ignorant Indians all over the world, that blame other races for all their problems instead of trying to work together with those around them.

In Trinidad, most black people are friendly and law abiding but for the small percentage in east POS, that murder and kidnap innocent people in laventille and central areas, you Indian people cry racism, yet most of the victims are black. All the tourist who are down here for 2k8 are saying how safe they feel on the media. And u know the media would show all the bad reports but there are none. Trinidad is safe for those of us who obey the law and stay away from trouble. Oue crime rate is low when u take away all gang violence and criminal related incidences. And Indian people start testifying when u know something. Nobody has ever dies in witness protection but they do when they leave it against police advise.

If u watch channel 11 u would know that during unc reign over 10,000 people were infected with dengue and over 100 peple died. When pnm came into power in 2002 up to now (2008) less than 2,000 people were diagnosed and 1 person has died, one just ONE.

Anonymous said...

Good. Now that is what I call 'an exchange of ideas, facts and opinion etc...' Thank you for some points of clarifications Mister or Madam. I do not agree with everything you say, but you articulated it very well and I shall do some more research.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that that yankee is spewing propanganda originating from his own anus.

Facts my ass, thats all shitlocks you coming with. Dengue outbreaks was taken very well care of under the UNC, up to the point there were no more, and THEN PNM come into power and it come back BAD BAD! Yes one person died. But only because of the heroic efforts of the UNC.

Sparks said...

John Mc Cunt:

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Shivana said...

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Anonymous said...

coolies, instead of assuming, research it
there i did it for u. indian have internet, but instead of learning they spread their racist views. typical. i am coolie hear me roar.
and i like how allyuh get vex wen that McKay fella tell allyuh shit and allyuh so vex d white man doh like yeh." u not white; we love white people" cunts

Anonymous said...

and check ur facts on they dengue rates, unc had over 100 deaths, and PNM had 1. it is a fact, call panday or he son/lawyer. all i know is wen unc was here they never sprayed my home in a upper class residential area in san fernando, i.e either Gulf View, St. joseph Village or Bel Air. doh want allyuh coolie to kidnap me.

Anonymous said...

allyuh pretending you didnt know that people from England didnt like u.hahahaa. allyuh denying the man is real john mckay. hahahaha. feeling rel bad a white man doh like ya ent???? go take some grammazone nah, you will feel much better.

Anonymous said...

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As far as I know, Indians believe that their cultures, religions, values and morals are quite superior to any White bastards'. Of course we know about the caste system and suti etc.... Alas, they are all illegal but adhered to much like polygamy, and female circumscision in other cultures.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Stop this racial tirade nah man. Leave our African brothers and sisters alone. God knows they have enough pain and starvation to deal with, so get on with the debate in a right way. Cha man!

Anonymous said...

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massa said...

Why was my comment deleted? You all have something against stating the facts of what is going on in Kenya?

scorpion said...

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Amanda said...

India has had the most International Beauty Queens in the last 15 years. Indain women are the most beutiful in the world. No Hoolywood actress could match up to a Bollywood stargirl in baauty, talent, and intelligence ! Put that in your Balisier pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is what Trinidad and Tobago is coming to now eh....the whole situation looks sad and frightening.

spars said...

wat is this website is this a joke? or are u ppl seriously arguin like that!???

Anonymous said...


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