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Manning's reformsPublished on: 7/27/08.
by ALBERT BRANDFORD Political Correspondent

IT IS BECOMING increasingly clear that Prime Minister Patrick Manning is on a journey to leave a legacy not only on the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago but across CARICOM.
He is already known for toying with political constructs that seek to isolate sub-regions in CARICOM, such as the Manning Initiative which, to this day, does not have a compelling purpose.

But the biggest of Manning's ideas has come in the form of a working paper – not yet government policy – that strives to improve the governance structure of Trinidad and Tobago, perhaps inspired by the 18-18 tie in the 2001 general election.

The proposed reforms of the constitution, however, do not indicate in any way how they would resolve such an occurrence in the future.

The essence of Manning's proposed reforms is to make the executive president the head of both the government and the state, giving what is now an all-powerful prime minister even greater powers of governance and control.

While upgrading the status of the prime minister, the proposed new draft constitution devastates the contribution of other elected members of the House of Representatives, both in terms of quantity and quality in the cabinet.

In fact, according to Manning: "It is proposed that the cabinet would now AID AND ADVISE [my emphasis] the president on the general direction and control of the government. It would comprise the president, vice-president and up to 25 members, of whom not more than six would be appointed from the House of Representatives and three from the Senate. The rest of the ministers would be appointed from outside of the parliament."

Imagine, a leader of a political party in Trinidad and Tobago uses 40 other party members to assist him in securing victory at the polls, but then agrees sufficiently with proposed reforms to bring them to parliament suggesting that at most – not at least – six ministers could be elected Members of Parliament.

On two scores, Prime Minister Manning's motives would have to be questioned: first, no other elected MP has to be a minister; and secondly, the number of ministers elected is restricted to six.

It takes a very special politician, guided by some higher power, to reduce other elected Members of Parliament – from whom he derived his power – to mere statistical objects.

It must be the case that only elected members of the House of Representatives can cast a secret ballot to determine who becomes the executive president.

Under the current constitution, the non-executive president is chosen by the Electoral College, a unicameral body consisting of all of the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, convened by the Speaker, as chairman, and who has an original vote.

It is particularly striking that only the president and the vice-president are guaranteed membership of Manning's proposed cabinet which has an upper limit of 25 members.

Since the president and vice-president are to be appointed from the House of Representatives, only four other members from the ruling party can become ministers. That makes the proposals even more ludicrous!

Political folly

At the two extremes, ministers appointed from outside of the parliament may make up – at most – 23 out of the possible 25 members of the cabinet, or – at least – 16 out of the possible 25 members.

These ministers would be all appointed by the president who got his power from the elected members of the House of Representatives!

In its current state, the governing party in Trinidad and Tobago must have at least 21 members in the Lower House who, under the proposed reforms, would be restricted to offering only "aid and advice" to the cabinet on the general direction and control of the government – a restriction that is also imposed on the cabinet.

To me, that is political folly in the extreme.

The only reasonable proposal that prevents the new draft constitution from being seen as the making of an elected dictatorship is one for a term limit for the executive president, a maximum of two terms – ten years at most.

Otherwise, the Manning proposals smack of a leader trying to secure ultimate political power, more in search of creating a one-man show than entrenching a participatory democracy that broadens the base of leadership.

Having proposed to emasculate the elected representatives in the Lower House, Manning also wants to see an enlarged and essentially elected Senate for Trinidad and Tobago.

The following proposed reforms may help to restore a sense of balance with respect to those who voted for having some say in the general direction and control of government.

The Senate would comprise 49 – up from 31 – members of which 28 would be elected, and based on recommendations from the political parties following a general election, 18 would be assigned seats on the basis of proportional representation.

The other three senators would be elected by the Tobago House of Assembly.
More questions than answers

The existing nine Independent senators would be no more; yet, it appears that the broad principle – apart from the President becoming more powerful - is to involve more non-political practitioners in the decision-making process.

This identifies a basic inconsistency in the proposed reforms.

Oddly enough, the Cabinet, which has the responsibility only to "aid and advise" the President on the general direction and control of government, would be the least democratic of the institutions of government.

It is widely believed that people who get involved in elective politics do so out of self-interest, and so, it is going to be more than interesting to witness a national debate in Trinidad and Tobago on a proposed constitution that reduces the effective participation of the majority of elected Members of Parliament in running the affairs of government.

Prime Minister Manning is unorthodox, but his desire to change Trinidad and Tobago's constitution to increase the power of the political leader raises more questions than it provides answers.

It is being argued by some commentators that that increased power would come at the expense of the judiciary and the parliament – a frightening prospect for any country!

But perhaps the most frightening aspect of this proposed mischief would be the decimation of the will of the people in the first-past-the-post system used to elect members to the House of Representatives that would have to give way to the will of a political leader, especially in determining the composition of the Cabinet, a body of ministers who traditionally initiate policy and are collectively responsible for the government of the country.

For the sake of the people of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, may it never happen.
The rest of us in the region, especially here in Barbados, should watch the developments closely, because politicians are . . . well, politicians.

PS: I'll be off for a few weeks and, God willing, be back in this space on September 7.

Even Bajans realise that this ah real cont!

This after freeing the 2 Bajan fishermen.


r'fari said...

oleblagger, you don't have clothes to iron or your shoes to clean for monday. i dunno, i just asking questions.....

Anonymous said...

Blag is you boy?! Thank Gawd we still in business. Manning trying to be dictator? Man cyah control he own wife, and he nasty son, he want to contol all ah we - dotish cont! We go blaze he arse!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha tp play cat and mouse for ah lil while.


dan said...

this dottish ape manning again.

this man have bandit running wild in trinidad.
supplying them with incresing amounts of monies via urp. then turns around and wonders ,where are all the guns coming from.

nigger, the guns coming from urp money.

this ape want more power. the power he have , he can't use in any meaingfull way.

r'fari said...

sorry about putting you on the kakahole list dan. Welcome back!
so.... What allyih think about the collapse of the bridge and manning putting imbert on de spot to do a report? The way I see it, manning looking for a way to get rid of imbert and it wouldn't surprise me if he end up getting shaff like rowley.

What I don't understand is how the govt can be held accountable for the safety policies of a project that the contractor defined as its responsiblity in submitting the proposal. Further more, a truck driver with no experience dismantling a bridge? Get real man.

r'fari said...

oleblagger yuh kakahole. You playing cat and mouse? Pray tell, who were you; cat or mouse. Seems to me like both. If you must play with yourself please keep it to yourself. That could explain the lenghty absence....

r'fari said...

how come you have to wait for oleblagger aka big kakahole aka dan to post a comment? Is he your light and guiding saviour from the evils of the pnm govt, the nigglets that killing and raping everything in sight or the niggas that are porch monkeys and just collect cheques? Take it from a nigga, grow a spine and be a leader yourself. If you see big kakahole taking weeks to post a comment, you should be brave enough to say what you believe and express yourself and put it on the blog. It come like depend on panday to take unc out of the wilderness. You will wait many lifetimes for it.

And remember that you have a brain of your own.

dan said...

i read an article today in guardian. the writer asked the question "are niggers really emancipated?"

imagine this gorilla manning, have niggers killing each other and he asking for a forensic audit of the dismantiling of the bridge.

this ape ain't play he dottish nah!
i want a forensic audit on the handling of the criminal activity in this country.

he and queen kong hazel should have a forensic audit into the whereabouts of mr N. Ali from gasparillo.

dumb niggers again.

Anonymous said...

even dey bees killing we out. we have to do something about the 'african question'. they killing and raping we children. we have to cleanse the country of them, the diseased race.

Anonymous said...

de man say as long as he alive, the UNC will never again lay their hands on the treasury. Yuh eah see man greedy so? now he want all de people for heself and skin-up nose boom-boom clat! toratay

dan said...

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Anonymous said...

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r'fari said...

"even dey bees killing we out..." i don't even know what to say to you nah. 'african question'?? flick boy, a coolie version of hitler hahaha :P
dread, wtf is a "boom-boom clat!"???
why you hadda wileup de kakaholes with all that shit you talking. stfk!
danny, danny, just remind me why put you on the KAKAHOLE LISTING and temporarily expel your cunt from the blog. homes, i want to believe that you much smarter than the person that made the comment that "..All dem theifing coolie go hadda dead." but i really doubting that. you can't even surprise me anymore, i think. ony if you start making some intelligent comments and suggestions on the blog...

allyuh kakaholes (nigga and coolie) hadda do some breathing exercises or yoga before allyuh type messages on the blog. fuck man...

p.s. last anon, whether you call yourself dan or y, i don't care. put your blog name so everybody could know who's who...


Anonymous said...

this nasty ape feel he culd control people in dis place. since stupid ape a.k.a r'fari feel like he kno every dam thing, tell me why yuh so smart and kno everything. ah indian teach you all you know i sure. it wuld not surprise me

r'fari said...

yeah you're right. an indian did teach me all i know. actually, your mom reads a book to me every night before she tucks me in. tonight she's going to read to me how to sidestep kakaholes like you and realise them for what they worth; a grain of sand at the beach. go learn yuhself ah book or something. don't attack me, i have done nothing to you. if you want to talk about the pnm gov't, go ahead. how long you expect to talk about them? after all the talk you and the rest of kakaholes come with, king kong manning (or whatever allyuh does call him) still there shitting on everybody. so what is the point of it?

another thing, i would NEVER see yuh kakaholes up in morvant or laventille or even on the streets talking that shit to niggas allyuh see. when a nigga give allyuh a bad drive, what allyuh does do? try to roll your frigging windows up (when they been tight shut all along), lock the doors and keep a straight face. then allyuh does come on the blog and vent. just a bunch of complainers. after all the laughs you kakaholes provide, what remains to be scene is a sad bunch of talkers.


dan said...

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now this groid, rastafarai, equating "rolling up ones window after a bad drvie" with cowardice.

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and you continue to drream about commentator's mothers tucking you in at night.

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one last question: how niggers so dottish?

r'fari said...

i never said or implied that you should shoot somebody that give you a bad drive. allyuh kakaholes come on the blog and rant on the wrong niggas. like i mentioned some time ago, kakaholes like yuhself epitomise all the bad things that niggas do onto all the people on the blog that you perceive to be black. i talk to you already about being a pot hound and not understanding what a person says (or writes). critical thinking coolie....remember that.

i'm glad that you realise that indians moving up. i want you to look at the indians who moving up and the indians that complaining and you see an inverse because the indians that moving up don't complain and the indians that complain not going any damn place. so you hadda look at other people around you and compare your situation and say to yourself "at least i'm not a nigga and my nose not big and flat...." :P

you aint have to tell me that manning shitting on people; both indian and negro.

in closing kakahole, don't just be a talker; be a doer or at least a thinker.

r'fari said...

what it is allyuh doing to help t&t imprve and get it out of the mess that it is.right now? answer me that question?

Anonymous said...

Greetings Fellas!

The Beaver here….

Education, education, education! That is the only way forward. No one, never mind child in T&T should have to go to bed hungry - yet too many do. How can you study or be interested in lessons on an empty belly? But it is in Manning's interest to keep a poor, dumb, ignorant underclass as his foot soldiers - to blame Indians for all their ills, and to keep a certain level of racial tension continuously simmering. These hungry, uneducated young boys live by the mantra ‘get rich, or die trying’. They are the lost generation.

From my experience, most educated, God-fearing, middle class Negroes I know have the same aspirations for their sons and daughters as do Indians, and they too are fearful of and are ashamed of their lost generation. So what does one do?

Whilst Manning builds himself a palace and seeks to be ‘President for Life’, the only credible challenge to this wanton abuse of power comes from a foreign correspondent! Where is Cudjoe, Ryan et al on this? ‘PNM til I die’, no doubt and another generation lost to the lust for power, wealth and control.

Rather than seeking to embed good governance, civic society, cultivating new, incorruptible leaders, is the same ole ting and everybody quiet. Come on people, there is still time to build a credible alternative government where equality of opportunity will be for all, and public sector workers will gain promotion on merit and not on the colour of their jerseys come election time.


r'fari said...

well said beaver!!!

Anonymous said...

niggers only good for two thing. Breeding nigger woman and running fast. Nigger people too dunce to achieve in academics. That is why dey does run up and down a track like some bush monkey. Good lord you could imagine when that don't reach back he go want ah house, some caroni land and some nasty horse hair nigger oman to breed. And dat king of ah cont manning go give him it. Instead of sending dem niggers to olympics, he shoulda send them to school!

Y said...


Did you hear about the 3 trini students in Georgia? I read they were on a scholarship from the Ministry of Community Development.

Funny thing is a Trini student in the U.K said he couldn't find an application for a scholarship from said Ministry.

Another thing I read, one student last name is Cudjoe (nigger) the other Sinanan (PNM coolie.)

Ministers abusing the tax payers again.

dan said...

i often wonder how niggers so dottish.

you will see the big parade for thompson when he returns.
i can just see it now.
and niggers will be spreading the word, as if god coming.

now every year, during cambridge exams, indian students will study and sweat so hard to place this country in the top positions in the world. and what do they get. you guessed it. a couple lines in the daily newspapers.

nigger again. i don't know when they will learn. :( :(

r'fari said...

niggas running around with guns and killing other niggas, robbing indian grocery stores and raping everything that moving and you have a problem. ok i agree with that. but a nigga running on a track and you hating on him too cuz he perform at the games.

i feel you wouldda prefer to hear that that nigga thompson was putting that 'hot shit' in niggas up in laventille until de police blast him away. and to make your day, his grandmother on 7pm news saying that her grandson was a good boy. cyar please allyuh kakaholes so nah. in no form or fashion a nigga could be better than you ever cuz you will fight him/her down. you the type of kakahole that i mentioned earlier.

the same way you get the information on the columbian, i think you should investigate how them people get scholarship to study something that we have locally. cuz i sure it have people that get schol to go flicking australia to study some soc sci or nat sci stupidness too :P

you just can't see a nigga happy eh? you really just want niggas to be meloncholy right thru. what a kakahole!!! one question, when panday was in office, did any indian students place tops in the world? if so, what did unc do for them? did he suggest that unc do something to recognise past world ranked schol winners due to the lapse of the prev. administration? let me know.


Anonymous said...

The Beaver here....

Congratulations to Thompson! And to the Jamaicans – Bolt is a really gifted athlete, and the Jamaican ladies did themselves proud too – bravo!!!

Following the disgraceful behaviour of the cheating, drug taking, drug pushing American sprinters - Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin's and others, I hope Usain Bolt and Richard Thompson could be excellent ambassadors for the sport. They deserve to be richly rewarded. Raw talent on its own will never cut it at this level. These athletes are excellent role models for disaffected youngsters who can or want to be rescued; who are prepared to work hard, ‘blood sweat and tears’, learn discipline, dedication and cultivate the right psychological armoury. They will not discover a cure for cancer, bring peace to the Middle East, or end poverty, but they can inspire those who seek those who seek to do so. I salute them all.


Anonymous said...

Beaver hol yuh stink pnm cont. I find that you does talk like if you is ah nigger. no body want to hear yuh blab. Yuh dutty nigger

r'fari said...

because somebody thinking with a level head, you automatically think that they are pnm. what it is really bugging allyuh kakaholes dread? is real paranoia with the likes of you, dan/y and oleblagger. what failures you have in your life, you really can't continue blaming the gov't of the day because you will end up being like the same people that you hate; the porch monkeys waiting on the gov't for handouts and hoping that they could be 'saved' from their hardships. lucky for yourself, you have many more great examples of people in your ethnicity going against the grain and overcoming the odds, regardless of the GOVTT. don't fall into the trap of the politicians; whether it is to continue to make excuses for the short-comings of an ethnicity and pampering them (PNM) or using the underachievers of another ethnicity for political leverage (UNC)

....dan breathe easy kakahole. i just mention unc and your heart probably racing. chill. don't for a second think that i condoning what the pnm admin is doing right know. it is just that you can't continually make excuses for your short-comings. you have to 'get up and get'...


r'fari said...

This is just something I just read on the trinioutlaw site.....

Where the hell is Josey?

Anyways I think I realized after all these years you can't fight the world and no matter what race you are there is gonna be fucked up people no mater what. All the nigga talk and shit don't matter nah I just decided to migrate from here. Not because of PNM or because of nigga or coolie etc.

I actually realized Indian is some of the worst people there is to. Thinking back at them indian teachers in primary school who used to beat children for fun especially the drunkerred coolie that dead a couple years back some fella father ah Indian self kill he dotish cont for beating children. Good for he.

In any event its to bad Brian Manning don't know that Josey is a good person and one of the best you can ever know. Man just fedup of the daily fockery that going on. Sadly this happening all over the world to and at the end of the day no matter what yuh do yuh could get kill anywhere in the world yuh could get rob by anyone of any race.

I know we does talk shit on this site focking up each other.
It Amazing what cheap blink broadband can to to yuh eh?

Luckily due to vision 2020 we have cheap broadband now so the PNM actually do something good. And panday is a old bandit. I think panday did give Indians a bad name. Luckily niggers doh have to worry again cause they apparently getting all the Indian guyl and them easy like squezy. So I have nothing further to say about that let them Indian woman fix up I heading USA.

Please note I not running from niggers just running from fockery.
The white man is actually the one to blame for the PNM and all we problems when they give Trinidad independence they certainly did not do it with no strings attached. Thats all I can say about that.

I have given up politics totally in pursuit for a real country I have even totally given up on god, I say to all those who have problems in this country run for yuh focking life that or yuh could stay anything yuh want. But I truly believe I would prefer to pay $7 for a Pizza in USA than $80 down here.

Infact I have waved Jihad on god and declared a state of war on religion. I believe this will better impact the world and create a better future.

Anyways cah fight the world so everyone hope yuh all have a nice life here and Josey is truly a remarkable person no lie but maby josey has also given up cause I doh see him here again.
I thinks after a while yuh does probably come to the realisation yuh cant fight the world and life to short for it anyways.

Thats probably why Josey has disappeared we may never see him again but the man did try to make the world a better place never forget that.

So take care folks and goodby forever.

Yu Gi Oh out for good.

i dont know what to say about this. because at the end of the day whether the kakaholes write on the blog or on the newspapers or on a piece of toilet paper, they still gonna be in trinidad spreading their views. the blog was ideal for people to understand each other no matter how fucked up views were.


dan said...

to Richard Thompson, congratulations on your outstanding run in the 100m sprint. he is truly a blessed athlete. the guy even went as far as to praise bolt for being better in that race.

i wish him all the best. he will really be an excellent ambassador for trinidad.

just please don't let Gary Cu%t and the PNM take all the credit.

Anonymous said...

The Beaver here....

Of course Manning and Hunt will hijack the superb achievements of the athletes and bribe then with all sorts of financial rewards, medals and the like. But bet your bottom dollar, king Manning won’t let anyone, no matter his accomplishments, eclipse his authority, his control or steal his thunder. Thompson will have his ’15 minutes of fame’ and before you know it the spotlights are back on Manning and his lackeys.

We need to harness our energies to expose the corruption, mis-management and dire murder count. What is the National Security Minister for? If that man had a conscience he would have quit long ago! But then again, if he isn’t up to the job, who is?

The majority of criminals are niggers, (some wastrel coolies too). They murder their own niggers with impunity. All these lost souls vote PNM. PNM in power, murder rate up, nigger killings, kidnappings up (Indians) and nigger victims up – alyuh seeing the pattern? PNM in power is a license for niggers to kill each other, rape murder and kidnap Indians!

And where is that nasty, wicked coolie, Harry Harnarine? What is his story? You think is thief he thief the people money?


r'fari said...

dread i wish that when dem boy and dem come back in the country that they reject whatever 'rewards' the gov't giving them. you right it going to turn out to be a pappyshow. but don't get fooled from the distractions, cuz we still have udecott, rising crime, susected dengue outback, rogue scholarship winners and the list goes on. see thru the mist, my friend, there are real unsolved mysteries that this gov't have to solve. some people saying that harry get setup dread. i don't know how true that is.


r'fari said...

how come when it come time to really speak up on an issue, allyuh does be real quiet. Flick dengue outbreak (or what ever de fuck the health minster calling it) and not a peep out of allyuh kakaholes. Choot man. Anyways, I see de villagers down south flicking lockdown de village to protest water and they get assurances. Whether wasa hold up its end of the bargain we will wait to see but the lesson that we learn from them is turning talk into action. They fedup up on lack of water and decide to do something about it. That is what trinis need. A heavy dose of 'action'. Instead of all the useless name calling shit. Get real.


r'fari said...

where everybody?kakaholes included.


r'fari said...

what it is really going on here dread? Allyuh move to another blog and forget to tell de rastaman or what? Or allyuh get affected by floods this week? It is the same thing that I talking about with allyuh. An important issue going on and allyuh quiet. Is of that allyuh kakaholes could only diss niggas and talk about how dey noses big like gorillas? That talk bound to get tired.

With allyuh kakaholes it wasn't that allyuh had a problem with pnm and how dey taking the country downhill; it was that kakaholes like dan/y, oleblagger, meera and the rest had a problem with niggas on a whole. Good bad and ugly niggas. That's a shame!!!

So many issues going on and allyuh can't lend an opinion? Flood, Caribbean union, crime and all the other real issues that happen in tnt right now. Where allyuh gorn? A damn shame!!! Now I'd the time to speak up for you people that continue to get affected by flood and not a peep!!!

Anyways,time will time if allyuh kakaholes will change the whole approach of the blog. Out with the old, in with the new. i will just wait to see how long it will take allyuh cockroaches to remain buried. Just waiting...

Bur'd the cockrchs...

r'fari said...

are we really independent? we may be as independent as a nation might be but as a people i think we have real work to be done. on all levels (whether you kakaholes realise it or not) we are dependent on the govtt. how many of us wait for the regional corporation to pass for us to put out all the rubbish that we were storing in our yards? i saw all kinda shit on the side of the roads you wouldnt believe. what was it doing before that? probably breeding mosquitos. steups...

so dont think that there are only pnm porch monkeys. we also have gov't porch moneys, which surpasses the boundaries of party politics and ethnic backgrounds. how many of you people looking forward to nis and pension when you get older? hoping that the gov't could pay you because you paid them. tsk tsk tsk. not guaranteed my friends. with the current spending of the govtt, and the imminent recession it wouldnt surpirse me that the gov't start to dip into people retirement fund just for the country to make ends meet. how many growing food, even if it is jsut green figs , cassava and tomatoes for personal use? anyways, that is to talk for another time.

in closing, we might be independent as a nation but we really have to dig deep to be independent as people. just like how niggas might not be truly emancipated, are we truly independent?


Y said...

Trinidad is independent by definition. In practice the country is fucked up. We can blame politicians but Trinidad is a democracy. The people put the politicians in power.

r'fari said...

i agree with you. but that is just one part of it that you mentioned. leave that for another time.

anyways, wat do people think of the planned strike tmrrw? discuss.

i gorn dey.

Anonymous said...

I have been on holidays! Any of you fellas managed to get away for holidays? I travelled around Europe and have fallen in love with Italy. Man, if you want to see natural style, elegance, chic.... dem Italian women do it effortlessly!

So I hope everyone is on strike today?! And what a nasty piece of cynical politricking for this capricious government to organise a motorcade for the Olympians on this very day! Have they no shame?

Independent? You think democracies are independent? We live in an inter-dependent world operating in a globalised economy. We are ‘independent’ as much as Haiti is independent! Suffice to say Trinidad exhibits some of the worse flaws of ‘democracies’!

Laters, Beaver

r'fari said...

Welcome back beaver,
good to hear that you had an enjoyable trip. I don't expect you to pledge allegiance to the 'pink nipples' eh :p. sin duda, euro chick are the flick but trini girlies top rank in my book.

Regardless, what is more important than an independent nation, by far, is an independent people. We are yet to demonstrate that in Tnt.

Ah say, manning well enjoy himself for the welcome home ceremony for them athelites. A well time distraction from the ills of country. The next one will probably be the big hollabaloo that ramesh will raise to get the silver snake back in parliment. What unc need to do is sack panday and get a new leader cuz panday is real dead weight. (easy kakaholes, just my honest opinion. Relax). He right now is the biggest liability not only to the unc as the opposition party but to the supporters of the unc that feel deliberately excluded by the current administration. But anyways, I will leave that there.

About the nationwide shutdown or so it was planned. I don't know if it was successful or not. Even if it was, I don't think that it would have been enough to initiate a turnaround in the state of affairs in tnt. I believe a more indirect approach is needed. More on that some other time.

Politics is alot of tricks. Don't get lost in the mist people.

B'rd the cockrchs...

r'fari said...

way boy,
is it that we have to incite people with money for them to perform? i say, jack hadda beg manning to promise to give the footballers a 2mil if they reach world cup. what it is really going on with dem fellas dread. done away with the long ball shit man!!! flick!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. R'fari it would be very nice if you could keep your football commentary to yourself. This blog is for politics only. There are many other places that you can express and discuss your views.


r'fari said...

what are de first two lines of the blog? "talking we fuckin mind on issues and dotishness in Trinidad & Tobago. Enjoy and contribute if you wish..." so that is what i doing kakahole. you woulda prefer if i was talking the ususal nigga/coolie right? steups.

anyways, i hear that saudi arabia might leave opec. don't know how true it is.


r'fari said...

how things? i see the blog quiet again. i getting accustom to it now. i have to admit that i do miss the contributions from the kaahoes et al. anyways, i see pnm bring out dey supporters in full force last friday to say that they have confidence in dey leader. it was big mas for the blinded fools of the pnm and manning didn't like it beter than to greet his minions. and it made me think; are these people for real. ah mean besides the cepep and urp workers that had to meet de foreman or whoever to get paid, do the other people really and truly support manning and the pnm? it real hard to believe.

i know allyuh does think that nigga people stupid and thing but that is not the case. (yes dan ah sure of that :P) but when i really try to understand the current culture of trinis and it is mainly divided along ethnic lines. it is a case of niggas vs coolies especially when it comes to politics. the niggas don't want to put the coolies in power because of perceived racism and vice versa. and it has perpetuated from early times and has just snowballed into what it is right now. THE ONLY WAY TO COMBAT THIS IS FOR BOTH RACES TO PUT AN END TO IT.

where it has originated i have not the slightest clue. it could have been the niggas misinterpretting the culture that the coolies brought with them (religion) and the clanish ways of the early arrivers or the coolies feeling left out b the early pnm govtt of eric williams. who ever it started with, it has gained momentum to this day where political leaders divide the country along these ethnic line sand exploit it for all its worth. hmm...

i see panday not going to apologise for acting like a cunt the last time he was in parliament. he say that he gonna keep up the struggle. i just laugh. panday keeping up the struggle with this suspension issue is like purposefully eatting bad food then when its time to go to the hospital, you saying that you will rally it out; you will keep up the struggle. steups. that have to be as ridiculous as the time that he spend in prison and he come back as ghandi. but anyways, the more panday play in his kakahole with the issue, the more that his people will go unrepresented and well it clear to see that the unc real lacking in parliament. but say what.

another thing. i see big rams buss de file on colm imbert having undeclared funds. i send it real ideal that not out of all the times that news surface.this will be another opportunity for manning to put imbert in the hot seat. just like with the bridge collapse, manning is looking for an opportunity to sack imbert. so unc thinking that they could put the pnm in a pickle when really it might as well be manning who send that information to ramesh so that when ramesh buss de ark, manning could call an investigation into the matter. i just assuming. anyways, i gorn.


Anonymous said...

All dem politicians corrupt. Manning was right, about Panday having overseas accounts, and that coolie conman, Ramesh hiring hitman - and wasn't he responsible for getting de amnesty for that jamet cunt abu bakr? I can forgive him anything but not that. But Manning is the biggest thief of all ah dem and soon it will be proven. And half of his troubles will be becuse of his racist, lazy, wotliss, big arse nose, ugly son! Manning as an individual is not too bad, but as leader of PNM the man is capable of becoming another Mugabe! allyuh watch closely.

We need to get rid of all dem old heads and bring in some new, urban, cosmopolitan characters in politics. We need we own Obama - young, fresh, untainted with corruption. Dem focking niggers in Montrose and latrinehole and Point Fortin must be real feeling the pinch now dat Lehman, Meril Lynch ..... HCU? wha the fock man?


r'fari said...

welcome to the blog dread. i agree with what you saying there but a question that has been burning me for a while now; what is the deal with manning son? i read trinioutlaw site and there are references to manning's son but i don't kow where it fits into everything.

out with the old, in with the new. that is what new politics needs in tnt cuz i think we long past the point where people could vote for either unc or pnm without using ethnicity in it. that's the bottom line. those two parties need to be thrown out and something fresh has to replace it.


Anonymous said...

The Beaver here....

For those of you who haven't read this, and those who have, read it again!

The black dilemma in trinidad
Michael Harris

Monday, August 18th 2008

There was a letter published in the newspapers recently that was a veritable cry from the heart. The letter was headlined, "Blacks must demand stop to the slaughter'' and was written by an R Murray who styled himself (herself? It is not clear whether the writer was male or female) "a proud black citizen of this rainbow country."

The writer's questions were so passionately and poignantly expressed that it is better to quote the words directly rather than try to précis the main concerns. The writer asks:

"Has our beloved country become so numb to the deaths of our young black T&T male that their extermination on a daily basis has now become just another sound byte of passing interest? Where is the expressed concern from our black leadership? Why has there been no hue and cry from the Cudjoes, Ryans et al to the Government that our sons are dying? Black sons and daughters are daily without fathers, mothers without sons, wives without husbands. Our daughters ask where all the young men have gone. Is our T&T so politicised that under a PNM-controlled Government the fear of embarrassing the party has silenced the tongues of the black T&T leadership? "

The writer has dared to pose in public the issues and the questions which black people, all over this country, behind closed doors, and only in the presence of other black people they feel they can trust, are asking themselves and searching desperately for answers.

For it is evident that the black community in Trinidad is trapped in a terrible dilemma. With each day that passes we find ourselves less free and more dependent than at any time since slavery.

We look around at what we perceive to be the economic and cultural progress being made by other ethnic groups in the country, particularly the numerically strong Indian community, and feel that we are being left behind. More than that, we question our own capacity to compete, to stand on our own and prosper.

The vast majority of us believe that we have no choice but to suck at the teats of the state if we are to survive. And so we feel compelled to prop up and support the very institution which we know to be the cause of our paralytic dependence: the PNM.

As for the so-called leaders on whom the writer calls to speak in defence of our young men and women very little can be expected from them. For they, lacking the insight, the confidence and the fortitude to lead the struggle, have long ago traded in their independence for preferment from the party.

For the young black men in Trinidad, betrayed by their elders, forced to live without dignity or hope, there is within them a cancerous mixture of frustration, and rage. For some of them, particularly those locked in the black ghettos of poverty and despair, the drug trade presents the allure of quick riches while the gang culture presents the illusory opportunity to earn the respect which they do not get from the rest of society.

How the black community in Trinidad has come to this sorry pass is a question which needs to be asked, for it was not always like this. There was once a dream of freedom and a powerful sense of independence which motivated our forefathers. Indeed the story of the rise of black society after slavery needs to be told over and over again for it a magnificent one.

Within a hundred years the former slaves, starting with nothing, and constricted by an oppressive and racist colonial authority, had built for themselves economic and social institutions, had established independent businesses in manufacturing, agriculture and commerce, had educated their sons and daughters, many of whom became outstanding professionals, and had done it all without any patronage or reliance on the colonial state except for the most basic of public goods.

When therefore Dr Williams chose "to let his bucket down" in Trinidad's well he found a Black community ready and willing to assume the mantle of political independence, the last piece necessary for the construction of a true society.

The story of how we moved, as a people, from those giddying heights of assurance and confidence in ourselves to our condition today of supine dependence upon a state which we fear we cannot control unless we support a visionless, morally and intellectually bankrupt political party, is much too long to detail here.

Suffice it to say that it is a story of a terrible failure of leadership on the part of Dr Williams and the other early nationalist leaders. The anatomy of this failure had many aspects, but critical amongst them was the failure to trust in the capacity of the black community to learn, to grow into political maturity and to be able to actively and positively participate in shaping their own future. That attitude is still the foremost characteristic of the PNM today.

But the dream of a black community, independent and free, lives still. The pain and the pride which our letter writer expresses is the pain and the pride of many others. And as long as there is that pain and as long as there is that pride, there is reason for hope.

But the words of the black American poet, Langston Hughes do come to mind, when he asked: "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it wither like a raisin in the sun or does it explode!"

It implodes!!!


r'fari said...

strong words there beaver. what is even worse with that situation is that black people seem to be contented with the mediocrity of their lives as it is right now. everything will soon come to an end, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

And still dem ole niggers go vote PNM, so me e have no sympathy with dem killing each other steups.

r'fari said...

at some point in time we all feel like that but at the end of the day, we all affected by the jackassness that dem niggas getting on with. as they say, sorry cyar pass curry.


Anonymous said...

Politicians doh really care about poor people, is only we vote deh want to get them in power and we might as well never even existed for dem. I give up - is each man for himself now, dais de way I see it.

r'fari said...

politicians don't think about anybody other than their circle of people. its just that the poor people will feel the pinch. the rich have ways to bypass and get over the trials of the poor man; poor education & health system, crime etc. people only 'feel the burn' when they affected in some way or the other. why you think coolies concern about niggas in l'vtille and morvant blasting each? because its them same niggas that spreading out to central and south and causing chaos. right now people ain't care about coolie farmers getting flood out in central but soon enough they will learn to appreciate what the famers doing when they have no choice but to depend on the same flood affected farmer.

trinbagonians have to stop with the 'each man for himself' thinking because we all need each other to some extent; some more than others. so anon, i understand that you bummy with things in the country right now but don't give up on your fellow man. relief soon come. but we haven't reached the hard part as yet. life real nice in t&t right now. take what ah telling yuh.


Anonymous said...

Racism is 'rife' among voters in the United States, says poll

By Daily Mail Reporter

A third of white Democrat voters in the United States think black people are unproductive and prone to violence, according to a poll.

The deep-seated racism uncovered by the AP-Yahoo survey underscores the difficulty faced by Barack Obama, the party's candidate for the presidency.

The poll found that 40 per cent of all white voters hold at least some prejudiced views towards black Americans.

More than a third of all white Democrats and independents - 'undecided' voters who could be the key to the election - agreed with at least one negative description.

More than a quarter of white Democrats agreed that 'if blacks would only try harder, they could be just as well off as whites'.
Among independents, there was even more prejudice. For instance, a quarter of undecided voters said blacks were 'violent' and a third latched on to the phrase 'complaining'.

The poll by Stanford University in California was conducted online. Studies show that people are more honest when answering questions on a computer rather than speaking face-to-face with a researcher.

Why are white people so racist towards black people????

r'fari said...

good one dan,
as i said before, the usa is the country with the most fortunate (or suppose to be) black people in the world and yet they are a poor example to the rest of the blacks.

that's why our locals (both of african and east indian ethnicity) go to their universities and perform better than them academically.

what about the budget?


Anonymous said...

African-Americans ain't no role models for we. I still trying to understand de budget. Gas going up, car tax up. Housing, Agriculture, Health and crime should have more of that $50 billion. Let us wait and see what Rowley has to say on Friday. At the end of the day dread, it's the implemetation - putting into action those 'promises'.

r'fari said...

exactly. they have the great ideas and whatnot but they just can't seem to get it started. and it is similar to the problems that we encounter in the different ministries. they put money into it bt it still rife with the same problems. why? because you have the same people working in the ministries with the same old mentalities before. look at. they 'improve' the passport system and for the life of me i can't get thru to that number becasue it is allways busy. its like between the hours of 8AM to 4PM, the phone line is busy. frustrating. then you will hear the inister say that they hiring more staff. steups.

about that budget, just like the opposition said, it is a rehash of previous budgets. it made no sense to me. premium gas gorn up and new vehicle tax increase and she say that the strategy was to crub road traffic.wha??? i have to see how that works out. what will be more interesting is what will be the opposition response.


r'fari said...

you know what makes this thing truly frightening. not only does the gov't is doing whatever they want with this country but the opposition either doesn't care or is incapable of doing anything positive wrt representing the people that voted for than and by and large, the people that did not vote for pnm. it ridiculous!!!

kamla was less than commendable with the resonse to the budget after jack and ramesh leave her to stand alone. why that woman continue to put herself thru that pain i don't know. but anyway, i think that she did a better job at it than panday anyday. but next time she should work on getting her facts straight and not working on her poster design skills. and then martin joseph with his excuses for the crime situation. that nigga is a real joke dread. wow. if it is one of the reason allyuh kakaholes hate niggas, i could see where it comes from dread. niggs like m. joseph etal.


Y said...

New Forum

Join and cuss

Anonymous said...

dis new forum not working

r'fari said...

i dont understand the way you youths talk. when you said that the forum not working, i try to create a login and post and it went thru ok. what you really try to say is that the new forum lacking attention.

the 'diehards' not really interested when their leaders (y/dan, oleblag and the rest) haven't had anything new/bad to say about nigga people in quite sometime.

now i dont know if these leader are making a change for the better by not posting the ususal crazy talk. but regardless, it is a step in the right direction. the followers, the little kakaholes hanging off the coattails of the bigger kakaholes, need to follow suit and be able to turn thinking around. let's see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Dread, what you think about the protests in Chaguanas and Beetham? One set crying out for road facilities, the other bawling against police brutality. Is Beetham still a poor nigga squatter community? Where is the equivalent Coolie gutter community? ANd do you think Rowley will eventually oust Manning and become PNM leader? Personally, I trust Manning over Rowley. I think he has a massive ego, but Rowley is an opportunist and chief agitator/dictator - that's my 2cents worth.

r'fari said...

them niggs and them is the greatest. it does always amaze me that dem niggas know that it is police that kill the gangsta niggs and them in the area. and they brave too. protesting and on 7PM news talking level shit. now, the police killing ain't right, yuh understan' cuz r'fari could be now about to reach home and police shoot me up and next thing you know r'fari was a drug lord or something like that. but that's a small part of it. the way these residents act out on news, its obvious that they aint fraid de pigs. because you could go on tv and say police do it but then when the gunmen do it, allyuh know de gunmen but nobody want to say.
the solution for that is police have to continue to go in dem areas and blast a few more niggs that into shit until nobody fucking know who doing it. they eh even see de blue lights flashing on de jeep. everybody go stay inside and listen to movado.

when it comes to rowley and manning, i have to agree with anon a bit. the way i see it manning was a conman from long time and rowley now trying the good guy thing. at least manning constant. but as i keep saying, look beyond the tap-tottee that going on with them niggs dread. people, FOCUS ON THE ISSUES THAT AFFECTING T&T RIGHT NOW: CRIME, THE ECONOMY AND CORRUPTION. never forget. fuck rowley and then fellas dread. at the end of it all, manning is the one that benefits cuz everybody looking at rowley to buss the next big file, while m.joseph continuing to get strategies on the crime situation by looking at goodfellas, reservoir dogs and all the seasons of captain planet. i know that y/dan and the rest really believe that niggas stupid but the reason for m.joseph being there still does really puzzle me.

i hear, figs say fuck dat forum that oleblagger start up. i really ain't see the purpose of it at this point. allyuh kakaholes hadda come real good to convince other people to use the forum and not the blog. i suggest that you upload some porno or something for fellas to download; at least it will serve some purpose dread. wow. you take a good bit of months to get that done? i dunno dread, you get robbed of your time and effort and the sad part is i don't know who you can talk to to get a refund. you just waste your fucking time and effort homie, sorry. or is it that you had intentions of paying for a professional to get it done but you loss your money in HCU when dem men setup-up harnarine and say that HCU bankrupt? whichever way dread, you get proper fucked.


Y said...


You stupid nigger. I've involved with something called work. I know you niggers no nothing about it. But I don't want to explain it to you because your nappy head might explode.

Anyway, the forum was setup to allow anyone to post a discussion. Even a big lip ape like you.

r'fari said...

it understandable that you still vex. i feelin' it for you boy. i see that you writeup a poem on the 'baleezay'. that's good for you man. stupid me right, obviously the purpose of the forum was for niggs like me to post a discussion. i will do just that just now.

but long time no see blag. how's life treating you? life just was not the same without you homie, after all you were away for a long time working. welcome back.


r'fari said...

i start a post on blagger forum. let's just see how people's interest at right now.

as for oleblagger aka ole goat, it really don't make much sense for people to make contributions because it is not a hassle free process. you have to sign-up then each time you want to post you have to login. you must have realised that most of your kakahole followers (meera, where you gyul) don't login on the blog, they just put a name and post a comment. and to make matters worst, the blog is possibly having its lowest visitors EVER. do you really think that this is wise choice to switch to a new format? if we must do the new forum, at least allow people to make a contribution without signup. otherwise, it will deter many contributions.

and just to make things interesting, i will ask the same question on the blog and compare the quantitative responses from forum and blog. let the people talk ole goat.


Anonymous said...

I tired report my lack of internet service to TSTT. Now dey telling me the lines wet! Any ideas if a broadband service will be more effective? Thanks

Anonymous said...

flow, greendot, blink, ev-do(tstt)

r'fari said...

my advice, sprang your neighbour's wifi signal. talk done.

anyways, ole goat, your forum has no more than 7 users (including you and me). what really going dread. you will tell me that this blog used to have real contributors and this is what it boils down to? come nah man blag. wherre is your PR skills. where all the movers and shakers of your propaganda machine dread? big bolo, meera, her shadow, and all the other kakaholes that i just can't remember. until you summon them from the latrine/cesspit, i think that it will be best if we all stick to the blog format; you post stories and whoever has the time to waste to look out for stories (like r'fari) just post comments. what you think?


Anonymous said...

To My Trini Friends in the US

I hope you guys are voting for Obama. Colin Powell has endorsed him and many other respected and intelligent people have already done so. I believe he represents change, unity and fairness and it’s good to see that the majority of white Americans can cast aside their prejudices and put a black man in the Whitehouse for once.

r'fari said...

obama for prez. Support all the way for the man. Of the two candidates, he shows better leadership qualities and sincerity. Ideal person in my books for a wave of change that would start in the us and hopely ripple to t&t. I will show us trinis that there is more than just manning and pandayas the next pm. That we can feel comfortable going against the 'usual politics'

I hear manning want to hide the Beecham during the summit. I hope that dem niggas embarass him by light the highway up with tires and rubble. Total madscene idea from manning!!! And after all that I want to know if he gonna ban them from burning rubbish at the landfill. Is likely wasn't a flicking problem before but you having a heads of state lime and you want to stunt on your own people. Incredible!!!

Anyways,I find that the blog quiet. And don't talk about the forum. What really going on with blagger? Last time you say that you busy in work bit I sure that you doing filing in some ojt wuk somewhere. I not bring you down bro, after all, t&t have niggs that don't like work and you are a hard working Indian and niggas have big noses and lips and smell bad. Pat yourself on the back. Hopefully if you lick enough asshole and unc win another election, you can get a higher position that you not qualified for. Thing soon good kakahole, no worries.


Anonymous said...

Too funny r'fari! Looks like dem Ins onlt get rile up when UNC getting pressure or one of their own getting licks!

Manning is a traitor to we. He embarrassed of he own brethren?! So why don't he do something to lift them up - all poor people up from this wanton criminality, poverty and wickedness. That is what governments supposed to do, right? Protect the weak and vulnerable. Oh Gawd, when yuh go sen we we own obama?!

Anonymous said...

dis nasty mudder cont r'fari can't spell beetham. and you know you does be bulling yuh own sister in your step father house in de beetham (who really is your brother). how you so dotish! you living in beetham and don't know how to spell it. and you does want to come here and tell free people what to do. typical nigger dictator behavior.

and you forever have the worse to say about oleblagger. he went to work today. what you did you ape! i sure you was in front of a kfc with your mudder begging for money to buy a mega-bucket of fry chicken. dotish nigger cont!

r'fari said...

word is that beetham will will be a gates community and that whoever building the wall think that 3 feet = 3 metres. That is what I hear. Most importantly, we need some to run the country that will be for all; white black, man woman, rich poor, muslim hindu etc. We not seeing that right now.

Don't blame me if the iPhone changemy spelling after I type it. Geez. And for your other comments, I put you on the kakahole listing. Ask dan how it feels. That kind of talk is what we trying to put in the past yet you go against that. Yuh cockroach. R'fari have nothing more to say to you dread. I shame to believe that you trini dread. And shame on all the major contributors that read what kakahole post and don't pull him/her for it.


r'fari said...

ah see another week has gone and nothing new on the blog. Blag, kakahole, show me a sign that you still living nah dread. Interacting with allyuh shithounds grow unto me. Sad to say, flitting racist coolies was my agenda from the start but now that allyuh on allyuh backs with legs twitching about to die, life goes back to the usual for me.

This is not my farewell but I believe that my job is done. It is just up to the others to continue to move this blog in the right direction. Those that remain, that is. Good luck blag. Hope that them niggas stop picking on you and you finally get the sweet creole girl that spurn your love and created the monster that you used to be a few short months back. R'fari out for the while.


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