Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, March 26th 2008

Winston Dookeran should have resigned, not Gillian Lucky, according to COP member Gary Griffith.
In a statement issued yesterday, Griffith severely criticised Dookeran and Selby Wilson for "resorting to mudslinging" and to "attacking" Lucky for resigning.
"They (Wilson and Dookeran) were previous NAR supporters, then they became UNC supporters, then COP supporters, without even a sabbatical being taken from political parties altogether, holding posts such as Central Bank Governor, but they have the audacity to attack the character and intent for Gillian Lucky resigning, simply because it is not in their best interest," he said.
Griffith said the NAR "over the hill boys", such as Wilson and Joseph Toney, who were "roped in to strangle the COP" by Dookeran, have also been openly questioning the moral authority of Lucky, himself and others have to challenged the direction and productivity of the COP, simply because they (Lucky and others) have refused to attend two meetings.
"Gillian Lucky probably became frustrated because the COP was not properly serving the nation and going nowhere fast, with Winston Dookeran conveniently circling himself among a few clueless blind loyalist supporters, whose priority was grinding their axes on the PNM and UNC rather than trying to serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago," he said.
He said the party was doomed to fail if Dookeran continued as leader.
Yuh know, ah trying hard hard to not comment on this latest cat-fight within the COP eh.. . but gosh boy.. it hard to pretend.

First of all, leh we rewind..... They say:

The people wanted a new leader for UNC.. they make one setta noise... they want Dooks. Panday appoints Dooks. Yuh think they happy..?? Nah! Now Panday 'treating Dooks bad'. Panday 'undermining em'.... They wanted Dooks to form his own party.. he didn't deserve the 'treatment he getting'... They doh know he was playing a game and had already started his own party.. but was playing the role of 'damsel in distress' - hoping to whip some support...

Enters COP.. ting ting.... elections come.. they suffered a terrible defeat at the polls... all of a sudden Dooks this and Dooks dat.. Gillman resigns... Gharry Griffith cyar shut his dunce ass...

What the fuck going on? COP going or coming???

As I said before, whether we accept this fact or not, it is the reality: The political landscape of Trinidad & Tobago CANNOT accommodate more than 2 major political parties.


Slim Shady said...

Well well well, we now seeing d true colours of d COrPse. Ah set ah back-biting and ungrateful conts.

Anonymous said...

Hmm after I hear Panday Say the CORPse so much time I swear he middle name is the CORPSE.

UNC and PNM Love the Dictatorship!!!
Alyuh love it eat yuh Balisier and bun in the rising sun allyuh jack arse! VOTE COP!

Anonymous said...

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