Monday, June 25, 2007

$35m drug bust at PoS port

A Malaysian ship captain is expected to appear before a Port-of-Spain magistrate today to answer both police and customs charges for a shipment of cocaine valued at $35 million.

The man was detained for questioning on Friday night after 83 kilos of the illegal drug was found in a 40-ft shipping container on board his vessel, by the Marine Interdiction Unit of the Customs and Excise Division, according to a release from Ministry of Finance communications manager Beverly Foster.

“After several days of intense investigation and surveillance, the drugs were discovered at the Port-of-Spain wharf in a 40-ft container being transhipped to Europe on board the MV CSAV Peru.

The container, which was packed with a consignment of fresh pineapples, had originated in Panama, she added.

How these fockin Trini Police so mudder cont dotish. Oh fock man, follow the fockin container and see wey it goin and who looking after it. Yuh need the big fish. Europe my mudder cont! Somebody woulda geh bribe and the shipment off loaded at the appropriate place.

Better yet. Check and see if it was goin by AS Bryden and if any warehouse bunnin down afterwards.

Oh see if any Syrian geh dey head chop off and sent to Colombia.


Anonymous said...

83 kilos of coke.

Well them rats in the police station licking their chops. They going to eat down that coke by this evening.

Trindy said...

Lord father, first time i hear the captain of a cargo ship get fine. How de ass de man suppose to know a big hototo ship have 88 grams of coke, something small like a matchbox ?
I sure dey punishing de man because he is a Indian.
Niggers allyuh take de cake for stupidity/ brutality again.

skeptic said...

83 KILOGRAMS not grams.
I bet it was 100 kilograms when the boat sailed. En route to the station some "blew away"