Wednesday, June 20, 2007

McLeod renews unity call for labour

The trade union movement faces a new challenge to unite under the chairmanship of Errol McLeod, president general of the Oilfields Workers Trade Union.

At yesterday's Labour Day rally at Charlie King Junction, Fyzabad, McLeod, in his feature address said, "In the past, all utterances regarding unity were made with forked tongues, but this time I will use the office of president general of the OWTU to invite every union to come together to discuss unity in the trade union movement.''

McLeod said the attempt at unifying the unions will have no input from either of the two groups under which unions are currently affiliated - FITUN (Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Non governmental Organisations) or Natuc (National Trade Union Centre).

McLeod said he will be writing every union head within two days to come together in an effort to protect the sanctity of the free bargaining process.

In previous years, labour leaders were invited to discuss unity under the banner of FITUN, but this initiative was never successful.

In his call, McLeod said: "Together we can do something about the labour problems, so let us demonstrate that we can bring about unity''

Buh look at dis fucker nah!

Wa mudder cunt unity he talking bout. When the PNM was closing down Caroni and sending 9 fuckin thousand workers home, why d fuck he didnt call for unity? Where was the fuckin OWTU? Or is it that the ATSGWTU was fuckin Indian based ?

When the PNM niggas lick up Bwee and send home all the workers, why d fuck he didnt call for unity and why the mudder cunt OWTU didnt stand up for those workers?

When the dunces close down NBN, why the fuck he didnt call for unity and where was he and dat orangutan Jennifer Baptiste Primate?

The fuckin doctors of MPATT only want the right to represent themselves as a Union. Why d fuck all yuh doh tell Papa Bois in the interest of the Labour movement to grant them that right, or is it that Primate only want to collect for she self and get grant from Gov't.

Fuck you Mc Cleod and Prmiate. Dey should decimate all yuh mudder cont by now!

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