Thursday, June 14, 2007


TWO AND a half months after returning to office and declaring that the "healing process has begun", Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma is out again. And for the first time in the history of the country, no one has been immediately appointed to perform his functions.

The anomaly has left several top lawyers concerned about the status of the administration of justice, as civil lawsuits must be filed in the name of a sitting Chief Justice. The situation, they said, can only be rectified if the appointment of the person to act as Chief Justice is back-dated.
Officials at the Hall of Justice said yesterday that they had not received any notification from President's House on the issue of appointing an acting Chief Justice.

Sharma, 64, who is scheduled to officially retire in seven months (January 24, 2008), received notice of his suspension shortly after 10 a.m. yesterday at his Hall of Justice office, and after a brief meeting with his immediate staff he left the building, a Judiciary official said.

President George Maxwell Richards on Tuesday received advice from Prime Minister Patrick Manning to suspend Sharma, and, "after due consideration", he exercised his powers to suspend Sharma yesterday until further notice.

Sharma continues to receive his full salary and will have a reduced security detail, officials stated.

He was in the midst of organising the annual retreat for judges of the Supreme Court, as well as upgrading the conditions in several magistrates' courts throughout the country, one source disclosed.

Those close to his camp queried the rush to suspend the Chief Justice, since there have been no developments surrounding an investigative tribunal set up to probe allegations of misconduct following the appointment of retired Privy Councillor Lord Michael Mustill, Sir Vincent Floissac and Dennis Morrison on May 18.

They have not yet taken the oath of office, nor has a secretariat been appointed to provide any information about the procedure, time or place of the hearing.

Sharma's supporters believe that he was suspended from office to prevent him from opening the new law term in September, which would have been his last.

The Chief Justice is yet to get an answer on whether the State would bear his legal costs to defend himself before the tribunal, and he is also anxious to get directions about the format of the hearings from the tribunal's secretariat, who have also not yet been appointed.

His suspension came even as the Judicial and Legal Service Commission was still pondering the fate of Sharma's main accuser, Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls, whose reluctance to have his claims tested in cross-examination resulted in the collapse of a criminal complaint against the Chief Justice on March 5.

The commission meets next Tuesday and the matter is likely to be discussed, a reliable source disclosed.

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