Thursday, June 28, 2007

Biche report author gets contract again

About the contract
Contract awarded to Global Competitive Strategies Ltd.
It involves developing two systems for all schools.

The Ministry of Education has been called upon for answers on the award of a February contract to the company of Global Competitive Strategies Ltd (GSCL), owned by Education Ministry consultant Kenrick Burgess.

The contract involves developing two systems for all schools.

Burgess fell into the spotlight in 2002 after doing a report which recommended that the Biche High School— built by the United National Congress Government—be aborted.

The contract which Burgess’ company received from the Ministry in February is the second.
GCSL had a $636,000 seven-month project management contract with the Ministry in 2002.
The ministry’s permanent secretary Angella Jack issued notification of the latest contract in a February 27, 2007, memo to all principals and school supervisers.

According to the memo, the ministry has contracted GCSL to: “Develop a detailed asset register for each school and implement a computerised maintenance management system that can be accessed via the Internet.”

The project involves collection of physical information on school buidlings, car parks, recreation grounds and all other facilities.

It also encompasses a physical inventory by rooms of the school’s furniture, computers and other electronic equipment, office equipment, lab and other equipment.

Burgess and his wife Margaret of Tunapuna, are listed as GCSL’s directors in company registry records of 1998 when GCSL was established.

UNC senator Tim Gopeesingh raised the issue of Burgess’ latest involvement with the ministry in the Senate on Tuesday.

No tendering—Gopeesingh

Gopeesingh called for answers on whether tendering took place for GCSL’s February contract and “how many millions of dollars,” it was worth.

“We understand there was no tendering process and that runs into million of dollars,” he said.
“This contract will go on for years because there are approximately 700 schools that have to be looked at.

“A senior adviser to the Minister of Education has landed a contract for a development of an asset register and computerised maintenance management system for the Ministry of Education.

“Mr Burgess is special adviser to the Minister...”

However, Education Minister Hazel Manning interjected:

“That information is not true...Mr Burgess is not a special adviser to the Minister of Education.”
Gopeesingh replied: “We want the minister to indicate to this Senate what is Burgess’ position in the Education Ministry.

“The second question is what tendering procedure was used to give Global Competitive Strategies Ltd the contract?”

Manning replied: “Put it in a question.”

Gopeesingh claimed Burgess had sat in meetings with Manning and threatened denominational school boards to sign the memorandum of understanding in the concordat.

Attorney General John Jeremie disputed that, telling Gopeesingh: “I sit on those meetings with the denominational boards and I never heard Mr Burgess speak.”

Yesterday, however, Sat Maharaj, secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, said Burgess has been at every meeting the ministry has held with denominational school boards over the last two years.

“Burgess has led the discussions...At the last meeting with the ministry a few weeks ago, I had to object since Burgess attempted to lead when the Attorney General came to give us a legal perspective,” Maharaj said.

Burgess: I don’t advise the minister

Yesterday, the Education Ministry’s Facilities Management Division confirmed Burgess is a consultant with that unit, providing contact numbers for him.

Burgess said he was not adviser to the Education Minister.

Look how these fockers does lie to save one another and in the process trip over each other.

Firstly the mudder cont write ah report just for the PNM to say the focKin Biche High School is not suitable for humans to remain in that environment. They leave the fockin school unopen, to be overtaken by bush, but recently wanted to use it to train duncee head fockin police. If it aint good for teachers and students, how the fuck it will be good for monkey police ?

Now the fockin nigga get ah contract worth about ah $100.000.00 a month for 7 months from the Ministry in 2002. Strange ? Nah this is PNM land. Now he land one that could run into millions.

Hazel learn to lie good too. She say he is not a special advisor to the Minister of Education. But they sit in meetings with the denominational boards together and threaten people. Hear the next lying focker Jeremie. "he sat in meetings and I have never heard him speak." So what d fock he doin there, collecting money under false pretences. Now Sat come and say he has been to every meeting over the last two years.

Wa kinda fockin rigmarole mudder cont thing is this ?


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