Monday, June 18, 2007

MP hurt in Nigeria crash

MP hurt in Nigeria crash
Eye injury, cracked rib
Juhel Browne
Monday, June 18th 2007

Port of Spain South MP Eric Williams is now at home recovering from an injury to his right eye and a cracked rib he suffered in motor vehicle accident in Nigeria about three weeks ago.
Although, Williams said in an interview yesterday that he was suffering more from discomfort than pain, he will be undergoing surgery for the injury to his right eye.

"I have a cracked rib and also the bone at the base of the eye socket, they call it the orbit, of the right eye, they call it a blow out fracture. It's pretty much gone. They have to pretty much reconstruct it or put in a (metal) plate," he said.

"I could have lost the eye, I could have lost my life."

Williams said he is now suffers from double vision with his near vision but his sight is fine with far distances.

He said he realised that many people were questioning his absence from the Parliament and other functions, and decided to let the public know why.

Williams was absent from the two sittings of the House of Representatives last week including that which debated the Bail (Amendment) Bill on Friday.

Despite his present circumstances, Williams, whose voice conveyed his discomfort, was praising God that the entire incident was not worse.

He could fuckin see real good to collect brown bag by Smokey & Bunty full of cash from Dhansook though. The mudder cunt eye doh give no trouble for receiving corrupt cash.

And by the way, wa d fuck u gone Nigeria for. Every fuckin body looking to go to the States, Canada, England or some first world country u gone Africa.

Maybe he hiding some aa d bribe money over dey?


Border Patrol said...

Ay, ah hear on the news some Governor in a Nigerian provence, invite him to some opening ceramony.

One thing for sure though, Niggas cyar Drive, they just as bad as in Nigeria as they is here.

Either that or the pot holes in Nigeria nore vicious that T&T's.

The news report claim that the car in which Eric was traveling in hit a pot ho;e an run off the road.

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