Thursday, June 7, 2007

Manning woos Couva South

Manning woos Couva South
...wants 'representative' PNM
Louis B Homer South Bureau
Wednesday, June 6th 2007
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning is not satisfied that the People's National Movement represents people of all races and he wants to achieve this before he demits office.
Speaking on the topic of race relations to supporters at a political meeting at Caldrac Sports Club in Dow Village, Couva, on Monday night, Manning said: "When I leave this political arena, and I would leave in due course, I would like to see a political party comprising on a representative basis, people of all races and all persuasions. The PNM has this as one of its major objectives, but it has not been able to achieve this yet."
Manning said, during the present election campaign, the PNM has been able to make significant strides in the area of race relations, adding that he "would like to leave a county of people who do not see race or religion, but someone who belongs to the human race".

Yeah, they really cant achieve this objective if all yuh funding the fuckin Jamaat and all kinda ole clones to fuckin kidnap Indian people. Yuh cyah achieve it if yuh only givin PNM fuckers jobs in CEPEP and URP. Yuh really cyah achieve it if yuh only givin PNM party card holders contracts and buying low class Indians wid contracts. You really cyah fuckin achieve it if you only want to promote niggas for jobs in the civil service and oppressing Indians, doh mind dey takin yuh cunt to court and yuh only losing. Yuh really cyah achieve it if any time you see and Indian you believe he is UNC and yuh must victimise he cunt.

Fuckin Mugabe racist.

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