Friday, June 8, 2007

House approves $3B request

House approves $3B request
Friday, June 8 2007
THE House of Representatives has approved Government’s request to seek a $3.1 billion supplementary allocation to the $38 billion 2006/2007 Budget by passing the Finance Bill 2007 at 11.30 pm on Wednesday night. Minister in the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill, who laid the bill in the House on Wednesday, yesterday said the bill will be debated in Senate next Tuesday and he was confident that it would pass there as well.
Enill previously indicated that the additional $3.1 billion would be used to pay the arrears owed to public servants and finance other items which were not originally factored into the Budget. Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the UNC had no problem with some of these monies being used to pay public servants but believed Government planned to use these monies to create a slush fund for the upcoming general election.

What is the big fuckin news? The fuckin PNM have the majority in both houses, so who say they not goin to get the 3.1 billion to fuckin thief and finance the election campaign for the PNM.

Enill ha to be ah big cacahole to be sure it go pass in the Senate. Cont, it ha 16 dutty creole in the Senate as opposed to 6 UNC Senators and 8 bias fuckin Independents (is Manning wey tell Max to appoint dem).

Fuckin PNM think everbody dotish like they fuckin duncee natty mudder cunt head supporters.

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