Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Coming soon, a female CoP?

By CLINT CHAN TACK Wednesday, June 13 2007

THIS country could soon see its first ever female Commissioner of Police (CoP) leading the charge of law enforcement agencies in the war against crime.

This was the view expressed by National Security Minister Martin Joseph and CoP Trevor Paul at the opening of the second Caribbean Association of Women Police Officers (CAWP) conference at the Cascadia Hotel in St Ann’s last Sunday.

Paul is expected to retire this November and a new Police Commissioner appointed. While men have historically dominated the hierarchy of the Police Service, Joseph said there has been a growing number of women within the rank of the police executive.

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Border Patrol said...

These Afro Trinidadians feel they have a God given right to "Run" Trinidad & Tobago.

The "Light Skinned" people have no problem with that, as it is easier to bamboozle/bribe a "creole" than an indian. Not to mention the indian does want more money if they have to take a bribe.