Thursday, June 14, 2007

Akon issues I’m Sorry song

AMERICAN RAP singer Akon has written a song apologising to Chaguanas schoolgirl Danah Alleyne, the 14-year-old pastor’s daughter who gained international infamy after his concert in Port-of-Spain last April.

The song, titled I am Sorry, was played yesterday morning on the radio station which had brought Akon to Trinidad to perform at the Zen nightclub.

Various Internet Web sites stated yesterday that Akon really wrote the song for pop star Gwen Stefani, the singer whose tour lost Verizon sponsorship after the worldwide furore that followed Akon’s sexually-driven dance with the Central teenager.

In the first three verses of the song, the 34-year-old singer apologises for several experiences in his personal life.

In the final verse Akon apologises to Danah, telling her that he was sorry for the embarrassment he had caused.

The singer says he was unable to apologise for his actions sooner because he was on tour with Stefani.

How d fuck we so stupid in Trinidad to think that he would write ah song to apologise to dat lil hoe!

He apologise because Verizon cut he fuckin asss outta big money. Thats it ! This is ah nigga we talking bout. You really think he care bout whoring Danah.

By the way, I see the lil hoe riding that black cock in ah toilet in Zen. And if all yuh dunno, that is what the police was looking for. But you know Trini police wid dey primary school education. They cyah even find ah elephant in ah haystack.

Everybody in triniland see the hoe taking the nigga cock in Zen though.

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