Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jeremie: McNicolls' integrity still intact

Juhel Browne
Wednesday, June 20th 2007

Attorney General John Jeremie has said Chief Magistrate Sherman McNicolls's integrity remains intact despite his actions that led to the dismissal of criminal proceedings against suspended Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma.

Jeremie said this was the conclusion of the Court of Appeal and Prime Minister Patrick Manning would have taken this into consideration before deciding to advise President George Maxwell Richards to suspend Sharma last week.

"So his creditability emerged intact and I don't think that the Prime Minster would have acted without credible advice on the basis of what the Chief Magistrate did or did not do," he said.

Jeremie was responding to questions from reporters on the Sunday Express exclusive regarding the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) decision to defer the question of suspending McNicolls, while a decision was still outstanding on the Piarco Airport enquiry.

Jeremie said, however, that McNicolls' decision not to allow himself to be cross-examined in criminal proceedings regarding his allegations against Sharma, has raised questions about what example this might be setting for witnesses in criminal cases.

"As a judicial officer, I think the argument is that he is called upon everyday to insist that people give evidence in matters and that there is the question of whether or not he is showing proper example to those persons that he insists should give evidence in matters," Jeremie said.

He noted that in its decision in the matter, the Court of Appeal did not question McNicolls's judicial character.

"His integrity and bonafides were left intact by the Court of Appeal. And they were left intact also by the prosecutor who adopted what some would say was an unusual course in not seeking to discredit him on the day that faithful events occurred."

This is the fuckin AG of Trinidad & Tobago who has never done a case before and has never been in front of a judge or a magistrate. Do you think we should really respect any fuckin opinion from this la basse nigga?

Maybe he should come on the blog and read the fuckin Ventour report which by the way was published in its entirety in last Sunday's Express. Read all the columns by the so called experts in the legal profesion and everybody saying the mudder cunt man guilty of misconduct and we now have this anus face AG saying this man "integrity still intact."

Wa d fuck is this ?

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