Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's a hoax!

Someone has played a hoax on Minister in the Ministry of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds and attorney Mohanie Maharaj-Mohan.

That person wrote a letter claiming to be Mohan and "signed" by her informing Hinds that a Ministry employee had accused him of sexual harassment.

Hinds, who received the letter last Friday assumed that it was real and called a press conference at his Port of Spain offices yesterday to deny the claim.

"I categorically deny and dismiss this allegation, though serious, as rubbish," he said.
Hinds received the letter dated June 1, 2007 last Friday at 8 p.m. with a header providing the address and phone number of Mohan's office in San Fernando. It was signed by someone pretending to be her though Hinds would not have known this.

Now yuh have to give Fitzy credit eh. Somebody really playing the arse wid the damn man and probably want to put the boy in trouble wid Patos. He done in trouble awready since he had decided to support Rowley for leadership of the PNM.

Anyhow, really. Who in they right fuckin mind would want to bull wid an ugly baboon like that? Im so happy that he was able to find ah wife. He musbe does talk out dat oman ears.

Hinds said that up to the time of the press conference he had not spoken to Mohan directly and could not confirm whether his lawyers had contacted her.

Mohan, in an interview with the Express following the press conference, denied writing the letter and stated that the signature was not hers, nor was it even a close forgery.

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