Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dookeran pays tribute to Caribs

Dookeran pays tribute to Caribs
Saturday, June 9 2007
Congress of the People (COP) political leader Winston Dookeran has paid tribute to the indigenous people of Trinidad and Tobago, mainly the Caribs, and urged the country not to forget the contribution they made to its development.
Dookeran made the call on Wednesday night during his address at the seminar — A Rich Heritage a Common Future in celebration of our First People — at Legacy Hall, Sanchez Street, Arima.

He must pay fuckin tribute to Carib. Is the Ansa Mc Al Carib he paying tribute to for financing the COrPse to split the vote wid the UNC. Paving the way for the PNM to win the next election.

Parrot head shaking dotish mudder cunt Dookeran.

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