Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mother of four shot dead at home


A 36-YEAR-OLD mother of four was shot dead yesterday morning at her Farm Road home in St Joseph.

Cheryl Gabrielle, of Raspberry Drive, was shot five times in her head. She died on the spot.
A police report said that around 1.30 am, residents heard several loud explosions and when they checked Gabrielle was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The body was viewed by the district medical officer and ordered removed to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy.

Gabrielle’s children were at an aunt’s house when the gunmen stormed her home, relatives said yesterday, in an interview at the Forensic Science Centre.

Relatives, who asked not to be identified, said Gabrielle did not celebrate Christmas fully since she got furniture items late.

“She sent the children to another relative’s house because the place was not ready for Christmas,” she said.

Gabrielle wanted to purchase curtains and vinyl yesterday morning, in time to celebrate New Year’s with her children.

The relative said Gabrielle had been asleep when the gunmen kicked down her front door.
“She heard the commotion and ran to lock herself in the children’s room because it has a lock...She called the police and the men then broke down the door and killed her,” the relative said.

The family member said Gabrielle was gunned down as if she was a man.

“Don’t they have a mother or sister? They have no respect for human life. She is not a gangster but they kill her like she is a man,” the relative said.

One of Gabrielle’s close relative, close to tears, said: “God said vengeance is his. I leave it in his hands. I can’t do anything but pray. I hope and trust in God’s justice. Just as you kill a man they need to kill them back.”

Relatives described Gabrielle as a loving person “who was mother and father to all.”

Detectives suspect Gabrielle’s death may be linked to a shooting last week, when one of her relative’s was shot while he was going to take a maxi taxi at the Priority Bus Route.

The relative, who was shot in his foot and back, remains warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in stable condition.

No suspects were held by the police.

Homicide officers are continuing investigations.

Gabrielle’s death pushes the murder toll to 377 for the year, according to the Homicide Bureau.

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Anonymous said...

i love that coolies read, but don't understand. is quite funny.Detectives suspect "Gabrielle’s death may be linked to a shooting last week, when one of her relative’s was shot while he was going to take a maxi taxi at the Priority Bus Route. " meaning they killing of witnesses or something u fucking retard. if a indian die this way. poor indian, dey targeting us. my maid, tell me bout a murder by 'she'. poor family , dey kill dem after their divali nagar. it turn out he had a big stolen car ring. typical.