Saturday, December 29, 2007

‘Small Saleem’ gunned down


A FORMER state witness who was an ex-member of the Jamaat al Muslimeen was gunned down at Seventh Avenue in Barataria yesterday.

Saleem “Small Saleem” Rasheed, 38, died on the spot after he was shot ten times in the neck, head and chest, investigators said.

A police report said that around 10.45 am, Rasheed was on the sidewalk at Seventh Avenue, where he was contracted to do work for the Unemployment Relief Programme.

However, the other employees did not show up for work and Rasheed decided to mix the concrete himself.

A gunman ran up to Rasheed, called him by his name then shot him several times about the body.

He collapsed on the ground where he subsequently died.

Detectives said he was killed execution style.

Eight spent shells were recovered from the scene.

Residents and other members of the Barataria mosque, which Rasheed attended, gathered at the crime scene after the shooting.

Members of the mosque threatened media personnel, saying they did not want any photographs taken of Rasheed lying dead on the ground.

Asked to comment on Rasheed’s murder, one of the Imams said: “Inna lil Allah innas illa raa je oon.” (From Allah we come and to Allah we return).

One of the other members of the mosque said Rasheed had been good to all.

However, other men, purporting to be Muslims, were heard saying: “Them fellows don’t know they start the war.”

Rasheed testified last year in the conspiracy to murder trial against Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr.

Bakr, Brent Miller (also called Big Brent), David Millard (also called Buffy) were accused of plotting to kill Rasheed and Zaki Aubaidah, Bakr’s son-in-law, on June 4, 2003, at Diego Martin.
Some time later, Julia Bowen and her husband Adil Ghany and Rasheed were shot at while at MovieTowne Complex in Mucurapo.

Rasheed was shot about five times in the groin and leg region.

Bowen was killed and Ghany sustained gunshot wounds during the drive-by shooting.
Bakr was exonerated of the charge.

Meanwhile, no suspects have been held for Rasheed’s killing.

Homicide officers are continuing investigations.

And none ever will.

This is one fockin bandit and criminal. The state use em as ah witness against Abu Bakr. Fine

How the fock he get ah contract in the URP. Yuh see this is the PNM tool to repay their supporters and criminals for help in the election.

That is why crime unabated in this country. PNM supporting the fockin criminals through these fockin so called social programmes.

OH! none of the employess turn up and he decide to mix the concrete him self.

Fock man!!!


Y said...

PNM = Criminals

Anonymous said...

So wait nah

The BIGGESTEST news is that Blogger take down TriniOutlaw again, and you all can't even burp out a snippet about it.


Y said...

Don't worry we'll get it back up. Please feel free to e-mail me also.

Anonymous said...


Y said...

Bloggers has blacklisted trinioutlaw. So we can't use that name. We are trying other combinations.

wongawonga said...

what's with that basdeo panday blog?! we want we ole one back where we cud pong dem nasty stinkin ole niggers for focking up we country!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day he was a man making an honest dollar weather it be through URP or other contracts he still had a family to take of and who could be bigger bandits then the government themselves

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