Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Today November 26 the City of Toronto with 2.48million people heard with alarm of its 78th homicide.This gives Toronto a current murder rate of 32.5murders per million people.

Today also Trinidad and Tobago with an estimatedpopulation of 1.3 million heard of its 334th homicide.This gives Trinidad and Tobago a current murder rateof 256.9 murders per million people.Trinidad and Tobago therefore has a murder rate 7.9times higher than Toronto.

Round it out to 8 times higher for statistical purposes.That's actually pretty good for Trinidad and Tobago.In past years T&T has seen murder rates ten times higher than Toronto.

This year New York City with 8.2 million peoplerecorded 428 murders up to November 18 and is on trackto record 500 murders by December 31, one of its lowest rates in years. Those 500 murders will give NewYork a murder rate of 60.9 per million.

Trinidad'scurrent murder rate is 4.2 times higher than NewYork's estimated murder rate for this year of 60.9.New York's record year for murders was 1990 when 2,262 homicides made it the murder capital of the UnitedStates.

In 1990 if we take New York's population as 8million, that would give the city a murder rate of282.75 murders per million people.

Trinidad and Tobago's current murder rate, one of the highest on record, at 256.9 per million is just underNew York's worst every murder rate of 282.75 recorded17 years ago.

These are some figures as at the end of November.

Thanks to the fockin PNM, things real sweet in T&T eh?

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Oleblagger, if you read today's Trinidad Express, December 5th 2007, ah see they charge two police officers for their involvement in a kidnapping of a businessman. Part of the major crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago is that there are crooked and corrupt police officers who are engaging in criminal activity. I believe that to really address crime in Trinidad and Tobago, it has to start by dealing with the corrupt police officers in the Service.