Thursday, December 6, 2007

All Yuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Murders up to 1 every 23 hours.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

The little nigga boys go continue to fockin rob allyuh at gunpoint, breakdown your front door at 3:00am while they shouting "police police" and wearing Interagency Task Force gear and army fatigues (obviously they getting it from they brethren who on the force or in the army or they relative or friend who on the force or on the army - the Commissioner of Police and his deputies must be think all T&T people stupid).

Allyuh wanted PNM, Take PNM!

The little nigga boys go continue to ram allyuh fockin car with dey silver B13 Sentra while allyuh driving with your loved ones and then they go kidnap your children, rape your wife in front of the whole family, hit your husband 3 gun butt to force him to keep his head straight and watch the fockin rape, and then later on the following morning at 6:00am they go call your home and demand $2 hundred thousand to $3million dollars ransom that you don't have and could never afford. So too bad for you, they go find your daughter's nude, spread eagle, decapitated and decomposed body off the Caroni old road or down by the Caura River.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

This Christmas season allyuh go have to shop scared, scared and continuously look over allyuh shoulder because allyuh know the little niggas on Fredrick and Charlotte Street only waiting to see some "blues or purples" to put a cold gun noozle behind your head or nice ice pick to your neck and tell yuh "pass de money." Allyuh go be lucky if they pick allyuh pocket instead.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Some of you would have to cut back on groceries, eat mangoes from Ma Williams backyard instead of buying apples and grapes this Christmas or have a smaller Christmas dinner at your home because you can't afford the high prices of groceries and produce.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Your relatives "down en de country" did not have electricity and water for the last 5 years, Christmas came and went 5 times and this year would be no different. Even some of you who live in upper poor to middle class neighborhoods are not sure if you will have pipe borne water on Christmas day.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Some of you would have to settle for two 2-litres of "Solo Sorrel" because you cannot afford to pay the vendor on Charlotte Street "what ah pound" he asking for. Some of you may even have to settle for some "nice chicken back" because you cannot afford to buy a whole nice, fat chicken for Christmas, much less the ham! Maybe you could beg your cousin who coming from "the cold" for Christmas to bring a frozen chicken and ham for you.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

If grandma, grandpa, aunty, uncle, ma or pa fall sick for the Christmas, bet your fockin bottom dollar SFGH, POSGH, or EWMSC don't have a single bed to accommodate the old folks.

Rahael cry crocodile tears and his ethnic group hug him up, kiss him up, shake his hand and tell him what a fine job he did, this time people still sleeping on the floor, doctors doing surgeries and forgetting scissors and cotton balls inside mammy chest, people newborns being kidnapped in broad daylight, people's chirren being misdiagnosed and dieing 2 days later, they burning people's children with hot water bottles, and relative's decomposing bodies being found in hospital beds 5 days after the actual death and nobody don't know anything.

Jerry Narace come on board as the new Minister of Health with one set of "PNM Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary and Head," swagger or whatever the hell Manning does call him, Narace give one set a orders to "make the public health system of T&T a better place for its citizens." Bullshit! Look at the headlines in yesterday's Newsday, "No beds at Priority Care." Narace "eh what ah fart neither." He and Rahael on the same boat.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

You living in San Fernando , Chaguanas, Arima, Tunapuna, or any of the environs and you work in Port-of Spain . Your job requires you to be there at 8:00am or 9:00am so you have to leave home at 4:00am in order to be not punctual, but "on time." (Better off taking ah fockin flight to Miami, yuh go reach faster.) The children have to shower the night before, eat breakfast in the car and wash the "yampy" out their eyes with a damp face towel daddy give them before he lift them up and put them in the car, and while you driving your head "bopping" because you still sleepy. All that just to help you out with being on time just so that you could continue to pay the bills, put food on the table and send them to school.

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

You have to buy "ah piece ah cloth" from the Syrian man store and make "ah dress" and every other piece of clothes and carry lunch from home to work everyday just so that you could afford to put gas in your car (not necessarily full the tank).

Allyuh wanted PNM, take PNM!

Next 5 years I hope allyuh have better since than that!


TRINI said...


By 2020 :-

T&T would be one big massive traffic jam

Streets would be deserted after sundown

Nightlife would be non-existent

People would pay to play mas in enclosed areas like the Stadium, since the streets would not be safe

Small business would close and send staff home because people would not be able to afford to eat out

Then the Syrians will buy out their properties

Murders and kidnappings will continue

People will return their cable boxes, and antennas on top of homes will reappear

Price Smart will introduce a Gold Card for PNM friends and family and CEPEP contractors

The Water Taxi project will be promised by 2025

Everyone under 25 will be a graduate of the University of T&T, but will be unemployable anywhere in the world

UTT will still be spending millions on God knows what

A Panday will still control Indian votes

The sugar workers will still be waiting on their lands

Most of their lands will be bought by Syrian businessmen

The Police Service will introduce credit card and ATM facilities at Police Stations for easy payment

High rise buildings in POS will remain unoccupied

The Interchange Project will be stopped until the Commission of Enquiry into corruption is finished

Belgroves will open a kiosk at the Casualty Unit of all the main Hospitals

A doubles will turn into a singles, and be a once a week treat

Kiss Bakeries will introduce a sliced hops

The US and Canada will stop issuing visas to Trinis

Natural gas reserves will run out

Three smelters will be killing our people, but the environmentalists of the NW Peninsula will only be concerned with re-afforestation and landing some big UN job

There will be a demand for Jamaican and Guyanese dollars

The Piarco Airport corruption trial will enter its 2564th day of hearing

Dookeran will write newspaper columns from his home in Canada

Indians will be purged from the public service and Jennifer Baptiste will be smilingly silent

All persons south of the Croni will have to buy a monthly pass or pay a toll to drive into POS

Manning will be Executive President for life

The rich will get richer

The poor will get poorer

The middle class will disappear

The PNM will continue tiefing and denying that we are a failed State


Anonymous said...

Trini, what about trini people who qualified abroad...more or less all of them including myself will stay there, not so???

Anonymous said...

yeh and east Indians like yall, will b still blaming all the different races 4 your problems instead of realizing that most kidnap victims are involved in drugs or some illegal activity and that most black people are law abiding. If 95% of black people were criminals there would be 25000- 100000 murders a year. And black people are victims of crime as well, it just isn't publicized. To fix crime fix u first.

Ramesh Gopaulsingh

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