Friday, December 28, 2007

Charge McNicolls now

What has happened with regard to the humiliation of the Honourable Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago is an extremely serious matter. It is a matter that should receive a full examination as the systemic forces and the supporting characters that precipitated this monsterous perversion of our justice system must be exposed. If necessary criminal charges should be laid against John Jeremie for perverting the course of justice. There is now an abundance of evidence to suggest that Jeremie ought to face the full glare of the law.With respect to the criminal charges agsint Sharma we must note that they were laid on the basis of the evidence of one man, Sherman McNicolls.

Israel Khan - a legal bull frog

That act on the part of the McNicolls was supported by Israel "bull frog face" Khan who came on TV and supported the actions of the DPP and the Comissioner of Police to send machine gun carrying policemen to the residence of the CJ. We must not forget these Mugabe characters. Where is Bull Frog now? Why is he silent? Remember he talked about those lawyers from south of the Caroni. I ask again where is the big ugly bull frog?

Pamela Elder appaled

When the moment came for McNicolls to face Pamela Elder he folded. Elder commented after the collapse of the case agaisnt Sharma that it was a travesty of justice. When the Mustill Tribunal started many of the players vanished and put their tails between their legs and hide like rats all over the world.

Its Karma time folks.

Charge fockin Mc Nicols NOW!

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