Friday, November 23, 2007

New minister ducks questions

NEWLY-appointed Education Minister Esther Le Gendre stormed past reporters at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port-of-Spain, yesterday, in an effort to evade answering how 103 pupils at Cap-de-Ville Government Primary School were hospitalised for food poisoning on Wednesday.

Le Gendre, a communications professional, refused to field questions from the media attending the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) Women’s League breakfast meeting at the Wrightson Road hotel.

Rather than apply her oratory skills to indicate likely measures her ministry would effect to prevent a recurrence, Le Gendre showed the benefits of her early morning walks last week at Salybia—where the Patrick Manning-led Cabinet held a retreat.

She bowed her head, crashed through a line of reporters on the first floor of the hotel, trotted down the staircase and hustled her way into the lobby, without even uttering “no comment.”
She was on her way to a Cabinet meeting.

However, her dress code for yesterday’s early morning sprint, to avoid the media, was nothing compared to the sports gear in which media photographers captured her at Salybia.

At yesterday’s PNM Women’s League function, she was elegant in a cream designer suit with matching stocking and shoes, which did not impede her athletic ability.

Dietary Services doing tests
A teacher and 103 pupils at Cap-de-Ville Government Primary School fell ill on Wednesday, after consuming boxed lunches prepared by a caterer for the school feeding programme.

The food was said to be infested with worms. The children were rushed to hospital after they began vomiting, experienced dizziness and stomach cramps. Some were treated at Point Fortin Area Hospital.

Joycelyn Bodden, chairman of the National Schools Dietary Services, sought to assure the public that action would be taken after tests were completed.

She said: “My understanding is we went down to the school, checked the kids and they were discharged. All is well with the kids. We are doing investigations.

“The Ministry of Health went down to the school and took samples of the water. All the checks were made.”

typi fockin cal PNMite.

Dey carry dem fockers down Salybia to teach dem how to lie and make the press lie for you. But she so duncee that she forget how. So she couldnt answer the press.

Fockin nigga know how to dolls off good though, dandy up wid all the brands and make big fockin impression, but the fockin head empty.

Ah feel Dookeran was lecturing to them up dey in Salybia.


Anonymous said...

Leave the woman alone. She now start to work. Panday caused Trinidad to reach in the hardship state that it is in right now.

Anonymous said...

You ha to be the biggest cont i ever come across.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

At least we coolie know is India we from. Allyuh nigga so shame yuh come from some unnamed West Africa tribe, yuh reinventing yuh heritage.

Niggas here did not come from Egypt you cunts. Face it, you niggas are uncivilized baboons. At least in India today dey ent killing themselves like in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Well boy, I'd rather see black people killing themselves like baboons than for allyuh indians to pray to ah monkey/elephant horse face who have a trunk long like meh c**k. Is allyuh indians in India does be raping lil girls before they reach 12 and any indian who looking black, allyuh does put dem in a caste equivalent to animals.....Look at the state of much ah damn poverty and people suffering under the white man rule for centuries....But nah, yuh still prefer to lick the white man bottom rather than appreciate what yuh have in lil Trinidad and unite with the other races to better the society....

Anonymous said...

Why de hell would we want to unite with people like you. Just look at the things you said above?

You want to creolize everyone because you are ashamed of your African heritage. We are proud of ours.

For us to progress, we must respect diversity, but you want to make everyone into pothound pseudo-American Afrosaxons because allyuh shame to be Africans.

Fuck off, nigga.

Janiqua said...

No eh.

Yuh know how much Black sistah does spend to straighten she hair?

Who say we not proud Africans?

Bless up!

Anonymous said...

Who say Afrcians not proud of their heritage? That is a wrong misconception and why the hell allyuh talking about proud indian heritage when the same indian people go reject allyuh ass and call allyuh black if yuh return to India. Yuh know much Indo-Trinis, indians from India does refer to them as black?? Some ah allyuh indians feel allyuh equivalent to the white race simply because yuh have straight hair.....when the matter of fact is the white man refer to allyuh conts as another black race.....

So when yuh bawling not to unite with negroes, the white man contniuing to laugh at allyuh black coolies. At least he go be saying that while indians and negroes fighting one ah another, the white man ass standing tall with plenty dollar signs flashing in he face...Is allyuh the white man laughing at....because he instill in allyuh head from indentureship to love the white man first and yuhself second....

Blasted fools you are.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a fixation with straight hair and white men......

Oh, i forgot - your'e a nigger!

Undine said...

Would someone explain to the negro that posted 2 spots above what is a "wrong misconception"?

Anonymous said...

Why d f**k allyuh so damn dotish. When will allyuh f**king coolies realise how much damage the white man did to yuh muddac**t India country and the negro man aint do allyuh shit but yet allyuh cussing negro night and day....for what....what does it benefit you to come on a website to cuss negro people??? This whole website is f**king senseless.

Proud to be Indo-Trinidadian said...

Well, to answer the question above, clearly we cuss niggas because niggas cuss us.

Historically, it was the Africans who shunned the indentured immigrants when they came because they could not speak English ans were not Christianized.

The Indian reaction is understandable.

Today the discrimination continues and is institutionalized under the PNM.

Why is it that creoles in T&T say nothing when Cudjoe complains about discrimination, but the same people jump on Indian back when they complain?

This website may be senseless to you, but it makes a lot of sense to thousands of us inside and outside of T&T.

Finally, T&T is home to us all, and not what you describe as "yuh muddac**nt India country".

It is you who is separatist and bigoted, you damn fool!

Anonymous said...

Historically speaking, it was indians who use to teach their children and especially their daughters not to go outside for fear they will end up with negro men...that is well documented in anthropology books up in UWI St. Augustine....nowhere in history does it show that Africans use to shun indians.....that sound like ah make up story if you arsk me....

How could a website with so much cussing make sense period??? What is this website trying to solve??? It only reminds the other races that indian people are truly a racial people and to me, allyuh looking like allyuh more racist than the germans and the rest of europe....and oh doh forget, them is people white eh.....and Britain was the country responsible for putting India in its drastic state of poverty under colonial rule....

Fact of the matter is....when trinis asking indo trinis to unite with them, we solely talking about the betterment of Trinidad and Tobago....we not arsking allyuh to inter marry that sort of thing because negroes dun already know that allyuh doh like we....just unite to improve the nation....thats all.

Trini said...

Would someone tell the nigga above to point his browser at:

Now if he could only read it.... sigh!

On another note, it is telling that the cunt above talks about "trinis" on the one hand and "indo trinis" (sic) on the other. Clearly he/she and many other non-indians feel that Indo-Trinidadians are not Trinis.

That, my boy is the root of the problem!

Trini said...

The link was clipped.

That link again, for those who do read is:

Trini said...

Shivana said...

Ever notice that whenever a nigger talks after every sentence they have to say " YUH UNDA STAND ? "

I wonder if they understand how stupid they sound ? I wonder if they UNDA STAND anything ?

Attention All niggers, I am proud to be Indian. Pround of my heritage. DUH.

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