Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wha de fuck is this???

LURKING in the corridor of the maternity ward, the woman who stole Nekesha Noel's ten-hour-old baby boy stalked mother and child for almost two hours.
In a pre-planned and well thought out ambush, the baby thief pounced on Noel just after visiting hours on Friday, while baby and mom were recovering at the Mt Hope Women's Hospital.

Pretending to be a nurse, the woman sent Noel to go to the bathroom to check if she was still bleeding and then stole the hapless infant.
"I hardly hold him. I hardly hear his voice," Noel's voice cracked.
"I have to pray and make sure my child reach back safe ... come back to me safe. I forgive she. I just want back my child."
She moaned: "Please have pity on me and bring back my child."

A medical source said newborns are very prone to infections and can become very ill if they are not fed on time or if their navel strings are not cleaned properly.
Serous infections can be fatal and newborns must be kept warm.

Noel gave birth at 8.08 a.m. on Friday and, as is mandatory, mother and child were being kept for at least 24-hours to ensure they were healthy before being discharged.
Noel has not even decided on a name for the baby boy as she had thought all along that she was having a girl.

Around 5 p.m.. her boyfriend, Sheldon Henry, and other relatives arrived to visit mom and infant, Henry was seeing his son for the first time.
They saw the woman pacing the corridor but thought nothing of it.

The woman of East Indian origin, is said to be in her 20s, stockily built and has shoulder-length black hair which she wore "tied up in one".
She had on a pair of blue jeans and a yellow coloured shirt.
Anyone with information about the woman or where the infant is being kept is asked to call 555, 800-8744 or the nearest police station.

Hospital sources said from a security standpoint a hospital is designed for "free movement and from that perspective you cannot police a hospital".
It is not the first time a newborn has been stolen from a public hospital.
"I weak. Is piece of me they gone with ... part of me. When you see the child you see me," Henry said.
Noel said moments after the nurses at the ward rang the bell to end the visiting period, the woman hurriedly came up to her and told that she was a nurse.

The woman said that she did not have time to change before she made her rounds and asked Noel if the baby was healthy and if she had seen a doctor.
Noel told the woman that she had not seen a doctor and the woman instructed her to go to the bathroom to check to see if she was still bleeding.

"When I went to the bathroom and came back the child was gone."
Noel said she went into the corridor and asked who took her baby.
After getting no reply, she said she went back into the ward and looked through the window to see if her boyfriend had taken the infant for walk.
She did not see father or son and went back to the bed.
A woman next to her told her that the nurse had taken the child and left.
When Noel asked the nurses if they had taken her baby, she then realised what had happened.
"I am feeling so hurt. I blame myself. I should have known this woman was not a nurse," Noel said.
"I just want him back. I want back my child. If she does not want to come back then drop him off somewhere safe, put him on somebody's step. Leave him anywhere safe."
Okay ... I will admit that this is real shit eh. Poor security at the facility coupled with an unsuspecting mother. Then the poor fucking excuse from the authorities. I honestly hope the whereabouts of the child is found out as soon as possible.
But wait and see, the child-snatcher will bring him back as soon as she realize how expensive it is to feed, clothe and mind a nigger. When he start to chew out the fucking sponge from the couch, the spring from the mattress and the fibre glass from the stove.... When he start to pawn the lady gold teeth to get money for a FUBU jersey... when he wring out the knobs on the stereo set and start to shit in the living room.... when she get a massive phone bill... she dropping him right back, and might even ask for compensation.
Doh worry Neekisha girl, after all that.. the chile better of with the indian woman.
And to the indian lady: Yuh iz a cunt???? How de fuck yuh cud tief a chile? Wha happen yuh man have a low sperm count? Yuh cyar spawn? Oh fuck man!!! You need some good bullpistle.


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