Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pistol and ammo missing from Police Headquarters

The homes of at least four senior police officers were being searched up to late yesterday afternoon, after a Smith and Wesson pistol went missing from the property box of the Police Administration building in Port-of-Spain over the weekend.

And senior members of the police executive have admitted to being “baffled” as to how the firearm, along with 25 rounds of live ammunition, “mysteriously disappeared” from a heavily-guarded area.

The missing gun comes in wake of another similar incident in which a police constable was nabbed red-handed trying to break into the property room of the abandoned St Joseph Police Station on Saturday evening.

But despite a full-scale probe by cops, the items which went missing from the Police Administration building are yet to be found and arrests made.

According to a senior officer, the items were discovered missing almost immediately after the afternoon shift reported for duty on Saturday.

“The morning shift worked from 8 am to 6 pm. But when the afternoon shift took over from 6 pm, officers who checked the property box discovered the firearm and ammunition missing,” the officer added.

According to the officer, immediately after the firearm was discovered missing they made repeated sweeps of the premises.

But some two hours later, nothing was found.

Another officer said lawmen assigned to Saturday’s morning shift were interviewed “at length,” but they all denied knowledge of the missing firearm and ammunition.

“It seems strange that an area where there is always a constant and heavy police presence a firearm and ammunition could go missing like that.

“What is even more strange is the fact that no officer saw anything amiss that day,” another officer said yesterday.

Investigations ongoing

During the weekly press briefing yesterday afternoon, Police Commissioner Trevor Paul said his officers were working to bring closure to the matter.

“Search warrants have been executed and officers are steadfastly working to bring closure to the matter as soon as possible.”

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Pray for Trinidad and Tobago to rid itself of the racism and bigotry that currently exist in our country.