Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hazel: My husband is no dictator!

Education Minister Hazel Manning, at a PNM public meeting in Tunapuna Friday night, defended her husband, PM Minister Patrick Manning, against claims that he was a dictator.

Saying a dictator was a ruler who has complete power and not shared power and was a person who acts unfairly and cruelly, she asked the crowd:

“Is our leader a dictator?”

They replied resoundingly: “No.”

“I want to agree with you. The man is no dictator and I should know as I have been married to this man for over 36 years, even though I hear the opposition pushing a rumour that we separate,” said Mrs Manning, eliciting a storm of scandalous laughter from supporters and even colleagues on the platform.

“No way. We living together until death do us part. I not leaving and he not leaving,” she said.

Mrs Manning informed PNM supporters that when Dr Eric Williams was establishing the PNM in 1956 he was called Hitler and a dictator by politicians who were under the control of colonial masters.

“It is now history that Dr Williams went on to establish true democracy in T&T providing independence from the shackles of colonialism,” she said.

Manning, in his address, joked that he had tips for people whose wives did not speak of them as highly as his wife spoke of him.

He also told supporters that he was pleased with the composition of the new PNM team in terms of gender and race.

Noting particularly that that there were a number of Indians candidates in constituencies that were strongholds of the PNM and that of the 12 women on the team, 11 were in constituencies that were traditionally supportive of the PNM.

“I shall say with conviction that the configuration of the next Parliament of T&T is going to be very different from any configuration that we have seen in the past,” he said.

This fockin oman cyah spell nah.

Nobody ever say he was a dictator. We are saying that the asshole is a DICK TATOR. That's a big diffrence "break fusses."

Now when ah fockin leader ignore the wishes of his fockin people what the fock yuh call that?

When ah leader appoint he wife without the fockin knowledge of his own supporters, who is ah dunce, that is ah dick tator or mama tator?

When an fockin man build ah fockin palace for himself and family, while poor people cyah even geh some fockin water to wash dey cacahole, that is dick tator or mama tator?

When the fockin people of the mudder cont country doh want no fockin smelter plant, but still proceed to build it, is that ah dicktator or mamatator?

When the fockin man totally ignore his supporters down in Diego Central who nominated Valley as the only candidate and kick his fat ass out, is that ah dicktator or mamatator?

I could go on and on and on, however I think I wasting my precious time studying Hazel who doh know the difference between she cyat and shithole.


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