Monday, October 8, 2007

Cadiz: Kamla was choice for PM


Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar was the chosen prime ministerial candidate for the UNC Alliance and was, indeed, shoved aside for a Basdeo Panday/Jack Warner partnership.

UNC-A leadership council member Stephen Cadiz broke his silence yesterday on the controversial decision that many feared would cause a rift in the party leading into the November 5 general election.

Cadiz, in a phone interview, said it was decided before last Thursday’s leadership council meeting at Emerald Plaza, Tunapuna, that Persad-Bissessar would be given the nod to be prime minister if the UNC Alliance had won the election.

“That was the original plan for Kamla to be leader. The about-turn without any real seemed as if the whole thing was planned,” he said.

Cadiz who did not attend the UNC-A mass rally at Mid-Centre Mall, Chaguanas, yesterday is expected to announce his resignation from the party at a press conference schedule to be held 10 am today at Crowne Plaza, Wrightson Road.

Cadiz said he did not watch or listen to the rally which was broadcast on five local television stations and six radio stations.

Last Thursday after six hours, the leadership council decided to appoint UNC deputy political leader Warner chairman of the UNC-A party and Panday his special adviser.

Cadiz suprised me yes. I thought this man had an idea of what politics and strategy is all about.

Yuh fockin asshole without patience. There can be no fockin political leader of the Alliance. How many times must we say this fockin thing. The Alliance is not a political party, no constitution, no structure. It is a group of political parites coming together with one purpose. That is to beat the PNM.

Oh fock. Understand na man.

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