Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ganga: Ramesh, not Winston, the Judas

Anna Ramdass aramdass@trinidadexpress.com
Tuesday, October 9th 2007

Caroni East MP Ganga Singh has described former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj as the "Judas" in the UNC Alliance camp, adding he has no right to criticise the Congress of the People (COP).

"Ramesh has no moral authority to talk about visiting every constituency to explain to people why they should not vote for the COP. First, he should explain to the same people about the done deal between Manning and himself and the conspiracy to remove the UNC from government," Singh said yesterday.

Singh said the COP is about unity and uniting the votes behind the principles and values anchored on pure dignity, "while Ramesh is a source of disunity, clearly demonstrated by his failure to embrace Kamla on the platform".

He added that Maharaj's claim to be uninterested in power or holding any office was just another form of fraud.

"Observe that Ramesh always emerges at election time. What does this action mean? It is obvious that he is hungry for political power," he said.

He added that Maharaj is on a campaign against the COP as part of a plan to have the People's National Movement remain in office.

"Ramesh Maharaj, Jack Warner and Basdeo Panday are the ones to be feared. So the Judas he (Panday) was referring to had to have been Ramesh Maharaj, a man he has reinstated on his political platform," Singh said.

On Sunday, UNC political leader Basdeo Panday said the new fearsome foursome was himself, Maharaj, UNC Alliance chairman Jack Warner and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Panday has referred to COP political leader Winston Dookeran as a "Judas" for cutting ties with the party and forming his own.

"How can Basdeo Panday refer to a 'Judas' when he is entertaining one on his own stage? ... the only political leader with clean hands and a clear conscience today is the Honourable Winston Dookeran," Singh said.

Ganga is the biggest scamp and racket man it have in T&T politics. So focking good is he that he was able through his pardner Devanand Ramlal who is Manning riding buddy to cut a deal for Ganga not to geh charged and possibly locked up.

Manning did threaten the focker in parliment. You ever consider what happen to those threats. How they gone so silent. He had no alternative but to stab fockin Bas in he back just to save his own ass.

Wait, they aint ready for Sadiq as yet. Doh forget he done get charged already.

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Hey, That is some serious shit yuh have they on Ganga dey pardner.