Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuad backs Lucky for St Joseph

Wednesday, October 17 2007

OUTGOING Barataria/San Juan Member of Parliament Dr Fuad Khan has decided to throw his full support behind his friend Gillian Lucky, who is contesting the St Joseph seat on a Congress of the People (COP) ticket.

He is also said to be advising Jamal Mohammed, also of the COP, who is contesting the Barataria/San Juan seat which Khan has held since 1995. Khan said yesterday he wanted to make it clear he is supporting his friend Lucky and Mohammed, but still supported the UNC Alliance.

“Gillian is my friend and you support your friends, so people will see things as it unfolds,” Khan said. He was expected to appear at a COP public meeting in Morvant last night.

Khan said he was asked by Lucky to assist her in bringing home the seat for the COP and he agreed.

“I will be using some of the same strategies I used when I won the Barataria/San Juan seat for the UNC four times,” said Khan.

He said now that he is not aligned to any party, he is free to act as an adviser to anyone who needs his help.

“I am also willing to assist the UNC Alliance candidate for San Juan/Barataria Nazeemul Mohammed if he approaches me,” said Khan.

He said his wish is to see Lucky returned to Parliament because the country needs someone like her,” said Khan. Khan won the last general elections by 900 votes. The Barataria/San Juan seat is considered a marginal seat.

He refused an offer by the UNC Alliance to contest that seat for the November 5 General Election if an accommodation was organised by the UNC Alliance and the COP which has rejected outright any unity with the Alliance.

Fuad is ah real media player yes. This fockin man was just yesterday begging Jack to fight the B/San Juan seat for the UNCA. Now that they blank he cont he gone to help he friend.

Politics doh have no friend. Ah wonder if dey had given him the UNCA seat to fight if he woulda still be helping he "friend." I think if he convert she to ah full fledge man, complete with toti, he would be doin her the best favour in the world.

Khan.........ah sorry for you boy. This is your last fockin lap with the media. Just imagine in a short while we wouldnt be seeing you again.


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