Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chutney star ‘confident’

By SEAN DOUGLAS Saturday, October 13 2007

PNM candidate for Tabaquite, chutney star Heeralal Rampartap, is unfazed by the fact that he is facing two formidable opponents in the form of UNC Alliance candidate, former Attorney General, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, and COP candidate, attorney Anand Ramlogan.

In 2002 the UNC’s incumbent Dr Adesh Nanan got 72 percent of votes cast in Tabaquite — 12,589 — ahead of the PNM’s 28 percent or 4,833 votes, while in 2001, UNC got 75 percent of the votes, 13,282, to the PNM’s 23 percent or 4,029 votes.

However the PNM believes that this year they have a fair chance to win Tabaquite, perhaps because of boundary changes.

PNM sources told Newsday that a poll of the constituency had so far put the COP first, while trailing two percent behind them is the PNM and trailing a further one percent is the UNC.

Speaking to Newsday yesterday Rampartap expressed a quiet confidence despite the numerical odds against him and the prominence of his opponents. Rampartap said his campaign was going “very good.” He denied being intimidated by the political ‘big-name’ of Ramesh Maharaj.

“I am involved in chutney-soca competitions and the big names don’t hamper me.”

He said that his attitude to his candidacy was just like his attitude to those chutney-soca contests in that he simply had a job to go out and do.

Saying he lives in the Tabaquite constituency, Rampartap said he was a humble man who people could see around regularly.

“People want someone they can meet all the time.” Asked whom he thought was the greater threat to him — Maharaj or Ramlogan — he did not express any view, simply saying he would do his job as a candidate.

Despite the results of the last election, Rampartap said he could definitely add to the votes won last time by the PNM.

He said people loved the PNM and that he would be a very strong representative who would give good representation to the constituents.

Yeah, what a cont.

Poor fella who have a hard time putting one sentence together.

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Anonymous said...

The only poor fella I see here is YOU! Heeralal is one of the few great men we have a Trinidad. Honest, humble and extremely talented. The man is willing to represent the people. Before politics, he was always actively involved in social work. Taking his own money and helping the less fortunate. My friends were some of them. It is too bad that all his goodness goes unrecognised. You need some serious help. It is a sin to say such bad things about such a good son of the soil. Once again, shame on YOU!