Monday, October 15, 2007

How could I lose my seat?

CHARGING that his detractors were using the NACTA Poll as a “political instrument” in their attempt to discredit him and destabilise the party, Congress Of the People (COP) Leader Winston Dookeran stressed he was not fazed by the ‘‘dirty tricks’’ campaign which says he would lose his St Augustine seat in the November 5 polls.

Dookeran said the “widely-held view” that he would not retain the St Augustine seat was a deliberate ploy that was “a part of the political armoury of those who are opposed to me.”

The COP Leader said the idea was to feed the perception that he could not retain the St Augustine seat and befuddle party supporters into asking, “if the leader losing his seat then who or what we voting for?”

He said, “They are spreading a rumour, supported by the NACTA Poll which is a political instrument, to create the impression that I, in St Augustine, will lose my seat. They are doing that in order to create in the country the feeling that if the leader loses who are they voting for as the next prime minister.

It is a political trick!” he declared.

Dookeran gave the assurance that based on his own assessment the St Augustine constituents were “fully backing” him and the election results would clearly prove this. He charged that it was more than just a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign.

“It is part of the ‘perception’ campaign, trying to create a perception that the leader would lose his seat so that in the other seats people would say ‘well, if the leader loses, why vote?’ It is a deliberate perception that is being promoted scientifically!” he asserted.

He cannot accept the fact that he could lose the fockin seat or maybe he has.

According to one article in the newspaper today the big cont is saying that under the COP Trinidad will see a female Prime Minister. What fockery?

Wa happen like he get totolbay when he see the support for Kamla? He trying to draw on the support she getting. But which one of dem cont he have dey like Wendy (who d fock is she) Lue Yuen, Carolyn (arrogant) Seepersad Bachan or Rewtie (non entity) Sharma could match up to Kamla?

Fact is the fockin people in St. augustine aint see you since the last fockin election and that is the truth.

Boy, go an look for some fockin lame ass lecturing wok nah. Oh ho, ah hear yuh done make arrangements for that already.


PNM man said...

u are seriously fucked up!

u are a piece of shit who can write and somehow u think that gives u the right to say that shit that you think.

fucking asshole

Oleblagger said...

Well you have to be the biggest asshole to read what a "fuckin asshole writes.'

I guess youre a nigga with no sense, aint ?

Oleblagger said...

Well you have to be the biggest asshole to read what a "fuckin asshole writes.'

I guess youre a nigga with no sense, aint ?

Anonymous said...

COP supporters cant face the dam facts Dooks not winning he seat all yuh aint see Dooks trying to get all yuh use to it yuh stupid dip shit