Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yetming sorry for Kamla

Wednesday, October 10 2007

CONGRESS of the People (COP) campaign manager, Gerald Yetming, has mixed views towards UNC deputy leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar after her outburst at the UNC Alliance’s rally on Sunday at Mid Centre Mall, Chaguanas, at being bypassed to lead the coalition.

“I am so disappointed that she continues to subject herself to such treatment and ridicule,” said Yetming yesterday.

Persad-Bissessar, despite her upset, has vowed to stay with her party.

Is the COP inviting her to join? Yetming replied that the COP is not actively telephoning her, having previously issued several invitations to her, but added that “if she ever decides to do it, she knows where to go.”

COP candidate for Port-of-Spain South, psychologist Dr Sharon Gopaul-McNicol, in a statement yesterday said Persad-Bissessar had been politically abused, in being assigned head of the UNC Alliance’s Women’s Arm instead of leader.

“Yesterday we witnessed one of the most powerful women in our land professionally disrespected, patronised and politically abused as she was demoted from Leader of the Opposition to put it in a nutshell, to Minister of Gender Affairs.” Gopaul-McNicol likened the episode to child abuse.

Why Yetming doh haul he mudder cont and go down in places like Aranjuez and see if dey doh shoot he fockin ass. He is and has been the worse fockin representitve in Trinidad politics. He could never see the fockin corridors of Parliment again, except if some cyat appoint he to the Senate.

As for Gopaul Mc Nicol, ah wonder if she ever went to the police with her allegations that the last election that she had seen violence under the PNM and also that of child abuse. Remember she is the one that said that some PNM bigwigs were bullin lil boys.

Why she aint gone to the police as yet ?

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