Monday, July 30, 2007

Top SEA student mounts PNM platform

Young Sushma Karim, centre, a former student of San Fernando TML Primary School, who was one of the top three students in this year’s SEA examination, smiles as she as she is about to sign the visitors’ book at the opening of a new office in Cocoyea Village of the San Fernando East constituency held by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, second from right. Photo: Tony Howell

Top Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) student Sushma Karim mounted a PNM political platform on Saturday night as Prime Minister Patrick Manning declared her a leader of the future.

Sushma, a former student of San Fernando TML Primary school, attained the top mark at this year’s SEA examination, tying for first with two other girls.

Sushma, who turns 12 in September, was invited to speak on the PNM platform by Kazim Hosein, manager of the newly opened San Fernando East office of the ruling People’s National Movement.

Her presence on stage came as a surprise to many who had gathered at 43 Naparima Mayaro Road for the official opening of the PNM’s office in the San Fernando East constituency.

Sources close to the event said Sushma’s presence at the function was unexpected, even to Prime Minister Manning.

Sushma’s name was not listed on the official programme. However, as she walked up to the podium, dressed in pink and white, many broke out in applause.

But much to the disappointment of the crowd, Sushma steered clear of politics in her debut speech. Instead, she offered words of encouragement to other students writing the SEA exams.

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