Sunday, July 15, 2007

No active politics for Israel Khan

Senior Counsel Israel Khan has gone PNM. He denies that his briefs from the State were an influencing factor.

Khan declines to answer if it would be good for the country if the PNM should win a constitutional majority in the upcoming general election, making it possible for laws to be passed without the support of the Opposition.

Mr Khan, I feel that after this interview, you may not wish to speak to me again, but I have some blunt questions to ask you. May I?

Clevon, I usually face tough questions in my profession, so I don’t mind answering questions like that.

Very well. Mr Khan, have you sold out to the PNM?

[Stunned and pausing for about 20 seconds in his chambers on Thursday morning and then laughing aloud]. Have I sold out to the PNM? That question is a political question you are asking me [pausing again], and it suggests I belonged to another political party and I have crossed the floor...

No. No. The question should be read only as it is asked. Have you sold out to the PNM?

No. I have not sold out to the PNM, but at this point in time, I am a supporter of the PNM, and I support the party, I support...

You fockin sell out to get big brief Cont.

Senior, this has come as a surprise to many people, including me, especially as in June, 2003, you told me you had not gone PNM. What has caused this radical change?

Well, I am satisfied the present leadership of the PNM is making a great effort to include every national in the party...

No, is the fockin amount ah money I making now. All I have to do, is put up my finger for the Balisier and I loading up my fockin Bank account all yuh ass.

Mr Khan, you are a man about town. Have you heard the talk that because of the heavy briefs you have been receiving from the State that perhaps you have been influenced to...

[Interrupting]...give my support to the PNM. That is certainly not so. I would like to believe that whatever briefs I have received from the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General that they would have considered my competence, integrity, and I believe that I, like other lawyers, being briefed because of my competence.

Fockin lie, it ha 90 times more competent attorneys than you who doh sen criminals in the jail to solicit business.

Even so, Mr Khan, people still cannot get over your political move…?

I will vote for the PNM, and I am of the view that the leadership manages the economy properly.

Ha, like you is some big fockin economist. Every fockin economic asshole will tell you that the PNM is mismanaging the resources of the State, especially to feed fockers like you.

Senior, are you not compromising your professional integrity or yourself in any other way?

No. I’m of that view.

No, I done do that long time ago.

You go to bed with your conscience very clear?

yeah, and meh bamcee plugged by some fockin homosexual PNM creole ah could find at the time.

This did not come as an overnight situation. I have been looking at the political parties, and the COP is really the NAR of 1986.

Dat is the only true thing you say.

Before we go there, the talk is that you have received or are about to receive something for supporting the PNM?

[Chuckling]. You see, Trinidadians are very narrow-minded; in that to support something you must get something. I believe the leadership of this country is managing our diversity very well.

Yeah, big briefs (manning jockey shorts) to smell after he done bull Christine.

Mr Khan, do you expect to get a place in Mr Manning’s cabinet?

[Twirling a pencil between his fingers]. I have no ambition to be in active politics.

Once I making money, fock Cabinet. Then the change go be less.

Mr Khan, I believe you are hiding something. Nothing you have said so far has convinced me that you have joined the PNM simply because you believe it is the better party to run this country..?

Clevon, it is because you are listening to rumours. I have heard that I am contesting [counting on his fingers] St Augustine, St Joseph and Tunapuna...

So which one are you really contesting?
[Laughing]. None of them. But Clevon, I thought when you came to interview me this morning we would be dealing with the issue of race…

Fock dem greasy head coolie South of the Caroni bridge. I doh fockin care bout them.

No. No. I did not make any deals with you.

[Protesting vigorously]. No. No. Not a deal, not a deal...

I came to discuss your sudden swing to the PNM.

[Half smiling]. Look; there are many prominent and grassroots Indians who are supporting the PNM this time around, you know?

How did you gauge that?

Speaking to people on the ground level, by speaking to professionals...

On my latest tour of Uranus (your anus)

You are aware, of course, that the PNM has been accused of discriminating against Indians?

There are many East Indians who would see race behind anything.

I does only see race to lik up dem young Indian lawyers and take way dey wok.


Well, that issue is one more of perception than reality, but that does not mean to say what has happened in Guyana cannot happen here.

Yeah like I does perceive that I does be fockin Joan Yuille Williams in she bottom and finishin off wid a blow job from them glorious teeth in she horse mouth.

But Clevon, PNM is definitely going to win the next election; they may not get the three-fifths majority, as some people are predicting.

Would it be a good thing, Mr Khan, if the party should get that majority?

[Gently knocking his pencil on a note pad on his desk]. Well, if the opposition keeps blocking legislation…

Duncee head answer, fock. Who does do your legal work ?

No. No. Mr Khan. Would it be a good thing for the country if the party should get that kind of majority? To change the laws of the country without requiring the support of the Opposition?

[A pensive expression while looking out the window of his Abercromby Street chambers]. Was it a good thing that NAR got 33 and the PNM three?

Mr Khan, you are beating around the bush...You know you cannot answer a question with another question. Is it a good thing?

[Back to tapping his note pad with the pencil and a long pause]. You see, I cannot say, because I do not know the future…I don’t know.

Revealin his stupidity again.

But Mr Khan, if you are prepared to vote for a party, shouldn’t you have absolute confidence in the way the party conducts its business in government?

What I wish today at this point is that whoever is in power we need to have a strong Opposition to keep the PNM on their toes.

Oh fock, like he really aint know what he want now.

So I see you are not answering the question, Mr Khan?

[Grinning]. I take the Fifth Amendment on this one.

Yuh cont, it doh ha no fockin 5th here in Trinidad.

Well said, Mr Khan. Do you agree that politicians are fuelling this race talk, especially at election time, for their own selfish ends?

Clevon, it is an historical situation where, because of colonial policies, there was mistrust and antagonism between the major races, but we have come a long way.

Do politicians exploit that historical mistrust as you have described it?

I talk to Patos and we decide how to fix dat already.

[Loud tone]. So what do you think Panday was doing when he said they wanted to hang two Indians with one rope?

There couldn’t be a more racist statement than that.

What about when Mr Manning said another black man bites the dust when the UNC fired Malcolm Jones from a big job in the energy sector?

Well [another chuckle], it is just as Panday saying another East Indian bites the dust. Race is used conveniently. You see, Mr Manning is in a very fortunate position with this huge windfall, because with a lot of money you could manage the diversity.

By the same token, any fool could spend money?

Yeah. But he is spending it wisely, and those who are saying otherwise must tell me how he is spending it foolishly.

Oh fock, well blow me down.

Mr Khan, you know I cannot understand what is going on, with you coming out this morning to defend Mr Manning?

He is taking some bold steps, and I am of the view he is moving in the right direction. And you cannot talk about racism as it was years ago.

Yeah, dat is why he losing all dem discriminatory battles in court. Maybe you should do one or two for him.

Look around and see how many East Indians are in the Police Service. Check out the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, the medical faculty at UWI. They have to manage the diversity, and he is making a great effort at doing that.

Which mudder cont Indian in the police service?

De fockin Indians in Law and Med School on merit and hard work cont. Not because the PNM want to see Indians in there.

Yuh fockin asshole.


Border Patrol said...

You know Isrrel Khan always had a bold face warp sense of thinking.

Them fellas feel once they supporting the PNM, they Big and Bad and no body could tell them nutten.

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