Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lucky: Bravery reaps rewards

Anna Ramdass aramdass@trinidadexpress.com
Tuesday, July 10th 2007

Pointe-a-Pierre MP Gillian Lucky says her placing seventh in last weekend's National Political Kaiso Monarch competition proves that bravery reaps rewards.

"My experience on Saturday proved beyond reasonable doubt that once people are brave to enter into any arena, and they are prepared to put country first, that they will be well received," Lucky told the Express yesterday during the Parliament's tea break.

Lucky shared the stage with several top calypsonians at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Saturday and sang "Ah eh fraid them", which won her seventh place-tying with All Rounder.
"I feel lucky, no pun intended, and also privileged that I tied with somebody who is a veteran, All Rounder, who gave me some very good advice," Lucky said.

She expressed her heartfelt thanks to family, friends, fellow calypsonians and her parents for all their support.

Lucky said the audience gave a listening ear, adding "I have given a message and I want it to sink in".

When questioned as to whether she has aspirations to compete next year, she said it was to early to tell.

Lucky said at this time she is focusing on Parliament and the legal profession.

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JOSEY JOSEY JOSEY. you will kill me with laughter one day !