Thursday, July 12, 2007

Minister: $613m spent on school construction

Anna Ramdass
Wednesday, July 11th 2007

Education Minister Hazel Manning yesterday clarified that Government did not spend $239 million for the construction of schools, but some $613 million.

At the Senate sitting at the Red House yesterday Manning, in a statement, sought to clarify the figures she gave at a previous sitting in response to a question on the order paper.

The question asked for a detailed breakdown of the expenditure for the construction of early childhood care centres (ECCE) and primary and secondary schools during the period January 1st 2002 to December 31st 2006.

Manning had said that 47 schools in total (18 ECCE,18 primary, 11 secondary) were constructed to the tune of $239,701,713.

Yesterday, she said Government had actually spent more money on construction, but that in her previous response she did not mention some other schools which were constructed under another programme.

"This Government has incurred expenditure on the construction of 70 schools, 23 more than initially stated," Manning said.

"Heavy weather has been made of the figures given in the response to question 62, and in this context, the Government wishes to make it abundantly clear that what actually occurred was that the total number of schools that the Government spent money on was understated in the previous response, whereby schools constructed under the fourth basic education project and the SEMP phase two project were omitted.

One simple question. Where d fockin schools ?

Everyone wants to know. Unless yuh build dem schools in yuh teefin son Brian Mannigga cacahole.

We cyah find one ah dem schools us. Where you build dem fockin schools?

Or just be honest and tell we wey the $613 million gone.


Border Patrol said...

They probably build dem schools in Dwenville, or Lagahoo Town, ask Colm he go know about them places.

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