Thursday, July 5, 2007

Soldiers to build South base

THE Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) has started clearing lands formerly owned by Caroni 1975 Ltd for the setting up of a permanent army base in South Trinidad.

The southern army camp will be constructed on 120 acres of land located on the M2 Ring Road just off the La Romaine Main Road and a battalion will occupy the area. The Godineau River borders the land.

According to reports, last Saturday soldiers moved into the area with several pieces of heavy equipment and began clearing the land and cutting a roadway. Located on a piece of the land that has been already cleared, is a large container, a tent, backhoe and trucks which are being used by army personnel. The entrance to the site is guarded by armed soldiers.

When Newsday visited yesterday, soldiers dressed in army fatigues were busy at work with a backhoe clearing the land, while a truck load of boulders, to be used to fill the land for a roadway, arrived in the morning.

Yesterday, Capt Al Alexander, Communications Specialist of the TTDF confirmed to Newsday that an army base was being set up. According to him, the exercise was the beginning of infrastructural work on the new army base.

“We were given 120 acres of land by Caroni for the purpose of establishing a southern presence as there is none at this time,” Capt Alexander told Newsday.

He said such a military presence is needed in South Trinidad.

This fockin army thing only mining ah set ah fockin nigga.

What does the army in T&T do? Apart from playing fockin football.

Not one fock! Put them to patrol wid the Police and legally they cyan even effect an arrest. They cyah shoot nobody. What is their real purpose? Only to fockin intimidate Indian people.

Disbnd the fockin army, they NOT serving any useful purpose, except to clean up Grenada and rent out the fockin arms and ammunition to bandits.

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